13th World Youth Student Festival

In short, the World Youth Student Festival is the Olympic Games of the former Eastern countries.

July 1, 1989. The 13th World Youth Student Festival opening ceremony. The worst thing about North Korea at the Seoul Olympics is that the Eastern European socialist countries, which have been regarded as North Korea’s ally, and the largest friendship China, decided to send a delegation and election team to South Korea. was. The North Korean government has accused all friendly nations of having chosen to participate in the Seoul Olympics as perverts.
Although he wanted to stay firm in breaking diplomatic relations, there were only four friendship nations in tune with North Korea, including Cuba and Romania. In order to compete with Korea, the 13th World Youth Student Festival has been decided to be held more grandly than the Olympic Games. The celebration for friendship and goodwill was far from true. “We must break the proud nose of American imperialism and the South Korean puppet party.”
“In any situation, show the power of the homeland of Juche and show the power of the people’s indestruction, firmly assembled around the leader” (Zhang Jinshu, Beyond the Frozen River)

At the 13th meeting in Pyongyang, there was great support from Koreans in Japan.

In 1989, the 13th World Youth Student Festival was held in Pyongyang, where we visited student accommodation villages and venues for various events, and confirmed directly with our eyes. A large group of Korean youth in Japan, dispatched as aid and entertainment personnel, had great power in organizing the festival. North Korea lacked the human resources needed to host the event and the products to satisfy young people from all over the world. Therefore, ironically, Japan, which boycotted the festival, played an important physical, technical, financial, and human role to guarantee that it would actually take place.
The leaders of the Union of Korean Residents in Japan (Soren) have been designated as members of the Diet of North Korea, they have stated that they are citizens of North Korea abroad, and Kim Il Sung has been involved in the Education Foundation for Koreans in Japan. Is not only to maintain exchanges with the Soren and secure control, but also to show off the Kim Il Sung clan’s sovereignty over them and to address this issue to Japan. It came from the pressure and need to use it. (Alexander Zhebin, The Kim Dynasty I See)

Troubles at the festival have also been reported by Zhebin.

At the 13th World Youth Student Festival in the summer of 1989, young students from western countries visited North Korea in large numbers. In response, the country’s authorities have taken steps to mitigate the “cultural shock” that North Korean youth will experience in the face of “Bourgeois culture”. This kind of cushion was played by a famous Soviet modern song singer, Ara Pugachowa.
According to credible sources, Pugachowa was invited by Kim Jong Il, who had always liked the appearance of Soviet rock singer. In 1985, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Korea, a cassette tape “ Pyongyang-Moscow ” containing her songs, including composers of this country, was released in North Korea. In 1989, “Dear Leader” himself was invited by Aara Pugachowa.
However, while Pugachewa and his team were boarding an airplane that flew to the Soviet Union at Shun’an Airport in Pyongyang, one of the bands kicked into a large box carried by North Koreans. The box spurted fire and an unpleasant smell of smoke came up. All passengers were immediately evacuated, and the box was taken offboard. In addition to this box, there were several boxes of glass bottles filled with intense acid.
It was about to be transported at the request of workers in the country who work at the Siberian sawmill.
The Director of the Civil Aviation rushed to the airport, reported the accident on Kim Jong Il by phone, changed the plane on board to another aircraft, and ordered Kim Jong Il to drop all North Korean passengers, After three hours, Pugachowa finally flew to his homeland. (Ibid.)

There have also been cases of embezzlement by party leaders.

In July 1989, Kim Jong Il issued extraordinary instructions to the party. “The act of embezzling a donation or offering at a church or temple is evidence of a lack of loyalty to the party, so thoroughly investigate those who have embezzled the church’s donation.”
It is a teaching given in the famous “Church Donation Case”. The incident occurred at the World Youth Student Festival held in June 89.
To the north, the Chilgol Association and the Ponce Church were built in line with the festival. It was to show the world that North Korea could have free religious activities. The promotion of this project to create the image of “North Korea = freedom of religion” was led by Kang-Kang Pil, the First Deputy Director of the Unified Front Department of the Government Building No. 3 in charge of the South Project Kangwangju).
Yasushi decided to mobilize organizations under the United Front Division to recruit followers. These organizations are a cover to hide the identity of the party. Examples include the Homeland Peace Reunification Committee, the Central Committee of the Homeland Unity Democracy Front, the Korean Social Democratic Party, the Tendo Youth Party, and the Buddhist League. Kang borrowed dollars from the Daisho Bank, which reports directly to Labor Party Room 39, and gave the followers 100 dollars each. Believers follow the worship service and donate one hundred dollars at a time. It was calculated that people coming from abroad would also pay a minimum of one hundred dollars because they had a good face. The plan was successful. However, the total amount of donations used for the calculation is not right.
Investigations revealed that religious group leaders in the United Front were embezzling significant sums. An angry subordinate told the center of the party that an executive had monopolized. (Kang Myeong-do, North Korea’s Top Secret)