Party executive women relations

Former “Group of Pleasure” Shin Young-hee testifies that his wife, who is the highest executive, is often a dancer from the Mansudae Performing Arts Group (North Korea’s best dance group).

Most of the people from Mansudae married to the top ancestry of the Workers Party of Korea, but the wife of the most senior executive was from the Mansudae dancer. (Shin Young-hee, “I was Kim Jong Il’s Dancer”)

The Workers Party’s advertising department has a “mobile art propaganda squad” entertainer, and these women are said to have sexual relationships with party leaders.

Party leaders have sometimes invited me to a picnic-like event called Yayufe. At this time, a female entertainer called “Mobile Art Publicity Corps” accompanies. If you like, you can enjoy the evening hospitality.
The role of the Mobile Arts Promotion Corps is to educate the party’s policies through music. Ages from 19 to 30 years. The height is more than 160 centimeters, singing, dancing and instruments are required. Most are said to have sexual relations with party secretaries because they belong to the party publicity department. Although their living standards are not low, they are often shunned as marriages because they are more likely to be rumors of men.(Kim Ki-sung, “Introduction to North Korea”)

If a woman gives her body, she can join the party and become an executive.

Everyone knows that if a woman sells her lower body to an executive, she can join the party and become an executive. So, women who suddenly become executives or suddenly advance into the job are seen strangely by everyone. A low-ranking man presents his wife for a career. I asked the Labor Manager to forgive my body and introduce me to a better job than to marry an urban man. The man made a fake certificate that he married a soldier for me and was approved by the Ministry of Labor. I was then assigned to cook at Slate Mine under the pseudonym Kim Yong-ho. Only after selling their bodies could they move from a farmer to a higher working class. (Monthly Chosen ed. “Woman who abandoned his homeland”)

When party leaders play with women, they use the power of their fathers to refer actresses to the Pibada Opera Company.

Katsura’s son runs the party’s luxury passenger car for days, even as a coach of a party dispatcher who frequently enters and leaves his own home. Instead, the dispatcher can stock up on a variety of imported goods, such as recorders, cameras, beer, and cigarettes, which are rarely available in the north, so they shouldn’t be bad.
It is the son of Lee Yi Ye who procures the woman. Lee is the director of the escort bureau, so it is only before breakfast that some of the female members of the escort bureau ensemble are invited. Hanseong’s son mainly hunts actresses of the ensemble. “Pibada (Sea of ​​Blood)” is said to be between the leaders of the opera party and intimacy. Actresses cannot follow the orders of party leaders, as party leaders who belong to the opera have absolute power over the actors. If you introduce an actress, you usually get a $ 30 to $ 50 reward. With a monthly salary of less than $ 10, his income was unbearable. It is the son of Kim Yong Jun who handles the money. There are plenty of dollars in the house because his father is an international and southern secretary. In addition, diplomats, subordinate staff, and party leaders returning from overseas business trips also invite various bribes. (Kang Myeong-do, “North Korea’s Top Secret,”)

Kim Jong Il had a young woman, called Kissl, take care of executives.

Kissl is a cute daughter between the ages of nineteen and twenty-three, and is a “public business mistress” provided by Kim Jong Il to senior executives in the north. Until the mid-eighties, there was a system of nurses in charge.
Many senior executives are elderly and have one nurse each. They have to do everything around them, not to mention their health management. However, in 86, Kim Jong Il abolished the system and replaced it with the Kissl clerk system. Kim Jong Il had been having a night of frenzy with Agassi of the Joy Group at the invitation hall since the late 70’s, but not all executives have joined. Kang Sung-san, Keung-tae, Kim-hwan, Kim-gu-tae are sometimes called, but they just sit silently in the corner of the room, so the place is open. Kim Jong Il did not like this, and Kissl Secretary was created. Kim Jong Il ordered the Labor Party Division 5 to select beautiful women around the age of 20 from around the country, provided them with the required education, and assigned them to executives. The highest-quality beauties collected from all over the country were assigned to Kim Jong Il’s invitation office, the next rank was assigned to the escort headquarters, and the third rank was assigned to the senior executive of the State Council. is there. The rest is assigned to the Koryo Hotel, foreign currency stores, and foreign currency restaurants. Not assigned to all executives, they are assigned only to the head and secretary of the Party Central Committee, the Deputy President, the Deputy Prime Minister, and to the chairs of various committees. However, even in the Deputy Director (Department-level), Kisul’s secretary is assigned to the first deputy directors of the Party Central Committee, such as the organizational leadership department, the publicity department, the No. 3 Government building, the Unified Front Department, and others. Although the power of this department is so strong, the Central Committee of the Party is not assigned to the less powerful science education department.
The basic mission of Kissl is in the room next to the executives’ offices, doing various chores, carrying tea, taking care of them, and sometimes rubbing their shoulders.
When executives travel to rural areas, they must accompany them and sleep in the same room. This is specified in the business rules. There is some good reason for the party to oblige executives and Kissl to sleep in the same room. This is to prevent the heart loss of senior executives.
Kissl, the secretary to South Korea’s secretary Kim Young-soon, was not a beautiful woman, so he immediately rushed to Kim Jong Il’s office, shaking a hundred-kilometer giant. To Kim Jong Il, he complained that he had given such a bus to him, and that he wasn’t so funny and he wouldn’t want to work.
Kissl’s secretary is only allowed to work until he is 23 years old. At the age of twenty-four, they have to retreat, but they cannot marry anyone. He has lived closely with the highest-ranking executives for three or four years. If they marry ordinary people, the secrets of the North may be leaked to the public. Therefore, the party blocks their mouths by selecting unmarried men in each department and forcing them to marry. It’s not that young people who respond to the scars of high-ranking bureaucrats who deal with the wounds heavily playful. However, the result of ideological education, in which one must absolutely obey the ideological system and the instructions of the party, is also brilliantly demonstrated here. (Ibid.)