What is Kim Il Sung Badge

In North Korea, the “Kin Il Sung badge” with the face of the leader is required to be worn on the left chest (heart).
So what is the Kim Il Sung badge?

The Kim Il Sung badge in North Korea is crucially different from the Mao Zedong badge in China. In North Korea, all citizens, whether they like it or not, must wear mandatory badges (it seems that Kim Jong Il does or does not). According to Chinese acquaintances, during the Cultural Revolution, everyone exchanged their Mao Zedong badges for other badges their friends had, but this is absolutely impossible in North Korea. . This is because the Kim Il Sung badge is not only a symbol of the idolization of Kim Il Sung, but also of North Korea’s class discrimination. North Korean citizens cannot wear the Kim Il Sung badge on their own. Moreover, there is a class that you cannot attach even if you want to attach it. I asked the guides persistently, whether it was the so-called “hostile hierarchy” or the people who committed the crimes, and each time they broke the answer. (Toshio Miyazuka, North Korea Tour Report)

How was the Kim Il Sung badge made?

Anyway, the tradition of the Kim Il Sung badge is unique. It was introduced in the 1970s when worship of the “great leader” peaked. In 1972, North Korea held a grand celebration to celebrate Kim Il Sung’s 60th anniversary. At that time, one of the top executives came up with a good idea. He proposed the introduction of a badge depicting a portrait of gold and obliged anyone to wear it. (Andrey Lankov, North of the DMZ: Essays on Daily Life in North Korea)

There are different types of badges, representing the class of the person wearing them.

Badges come in many shapes and there are about twenty types. Each shape badge tells a lot about the person wearing it. The most precious and unusual types are Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on a large red flag background. This is the only badge with images of both the “Dear Leader” and the “Great Leader” and is extremely rare. These badges are awarded to the highest-ranking party bureaucrats, and when they see them, the lower-ranking North Korean bureaucrats are stunned. Another type of badge depicting Kim Jong Il (one alone, no father) is worn by security officials. These two are extremely rare, and all other badges, except for those, are only painted by Kim Il Sung.
There are other types of badges for soldiers, the Socialist Youth League, and more. For example, lower party leaders wear so-called “big round badges.” Meanwhile, North Koreans wear only “small round badges”. (Ibid.)
Party flag statue badge = Kim Il Sung’s face is drawn inside the Labor Party flag, and can only be attached to high-ranking (government) classes above the central class leader class. The military statue badge on which Kim Il-sung in military uniform is drawn can only be attached to members of the Judicial and Prosecutor’s Offices, such as the National Security Agency and the Social Security Ministry.
Circular large badge = A circular large badge with Kim Il-sung drawn in a circle is attached to a party executive class of a local party or higher. Ordinary residents usually wear a small round badge about half this size.
In fact, there are also badges with institution names such as “Kin Il Sung University” and “Three Revolutionary Small Groups” (three major revolutions in thought, technology and culture). (Miyazuka, op.cit.)