Students cannot go home without recitation of “Virtue document”

Students who go to school must be able to recite Kim Il Sung’s “Virtue document.”
He cannot go home unless he can recite it.
Kim hyon-hui, the culprit of the Korean aircraft bombing, recalls her childhood as follows.

Personally, they must recite Kim Il-sung’s “Virtue document”, prepare a gift of loyalty, and seek ikebana to be dedicated on April 15th. The recitation of Kim Il Sung’s virtue material must be recited all night, no matter how poor the student. After school, bags were collected under a tree near the school, the memoirs of Kim Il Sung’s moral material and the history of the Revolution of the Kim Il Sung were recited, and censored by teachers and chiefs by boy group. You can go home later. One boy group consists of six people, but if there is something that even one person can not remember, everyone can not return until after 9 o’clock at night. Therefore, all students and people in North Korea can always say the words and content that praise Kim Il Sung everywhere. (Kim hyon-hui, As a Woman))

A boy group is a unit of student behavior.
In North Korea, everyone, from children to adults, belongs to some sort of organization and must act in groups.

Then, what is a “Virtue document”?

The phrases have slightly different modifiers, but the gist is almost the same.
On the birthday of Kim Il-sung, “The fifteen-year frost (fifteen years), the sovereign anti-Japanese armed struggle, has regained my nation deprived of the Japanese Emperor and dedicated his entire life to the people. There is today the glorious subject of Korea and the happiness of our people, and the well-being of the lord is exactly the unchanging desire of our people and the hope of the plain.
I pray for the eternal longevity of our merciful Father, Marshal Kim Il Sung, being the sun of our people. ” In addition to the New Year, it says, “If there is joy in the world, it is to serve the leader close to you and welcome the New Year.”
The gathering to resolve the reunification of the motherland states, “The reunification of the motherland is our greatest business that we will never forget. If the time of the leader’s order comes, we will honor the subject Joseon and the hero Joseon, Even if you have fallen a million times, you will get up again, defeat the American emperors in the battle of the world, and give your leader high to the square of national reunification for the reunification of the country. ” (Ibid.)

The students seemed to be forced not only to recite, but also to cry with emotion.

The teachers educate the students on such contents, and instruct them on facial expressions and gestures. One boy squeezed tears by putting a spicy green onion on the palm of his hand near his face, as he would not return until late at night without feelings and tears. (Ibid.)