Train Safety Staff / Managing Security Staff / Train Security Staff

North Korean trains have a separate officer, a train crew / management crew, apart from their regular crew.

Trains carry not only train crews (conductors), but also suspicious persons and “train safety personnel” who strictly check tickets and “passports”. Safety personnel are those who monitor the people under the control of the Ministry of Social Security. While regular train crews are in the same khaki uniform as the military, train safety personnel are in blue uniforms and have the authority to stop activities that could cause confusion when boarding a train (riding a ticket, ignoring lines, jumping, etc.).
Even if the opponent is a soldier, he does not allow an answer. In recent years, there have been cases in which hawkers with large luggage have been raising money, and sometimes they have unreasonable violence. Very scary for passengers.
An even greater investigative power is the “train guard” who reports to the National Security Service, carrying a gun with live ammunition. The National Security Service, which has 70,000 members and 27 stations, is a secret police officer who is tasked with cracking down on spies and dissidents. In order to monitor people on a daily basis, they are assigned to factories, business establishments, universities, as well as to central government agencies such as the military and political bureaus.
Train guards are so powerful that their sleepers are free, and even if they hold a “special investigator card”, even a train that has begun running can be commanded to stop and investigate. However, it has recently been common to abuse these powers to arrange illegal tickets or bribes to look into the wrongdoing.
Since no lights are installed inside the train, darkness occurs at night, and thefts occur frequently. (Hayato Kokubu “North Korea’s railway situation”)
Shortly after running, the passengers suddenly became busy and began to complain, “Censoring the passport!” Near Pyongyang Station, crews begin to inspect crews.
From the front and the back, the crew of guards came in with flashing flashlights to show the passengers a certificate, pulled out passengers without a passport, rushed them and collected them in the center of the vehicle.
The man jumped out of the window saying, “I’m getting off a little, so I want to see my luggage.” He showed the citizen’s certificate only to the managing officer without a passport and said, “I go shopping for food without food.
Please miss it. ” A security officer kicks the woman and drags her forward. The crew squeezed a bunch of blue citizenship cards of those who were caught and passed me in front of me while censoring the pass. Behind them, about ten housewives crying and pleading, “Please miss,” and some men trailed while dragging their luggage.
Shortly after the train fired, people jumped out of the window, returning as they shuffled passengers, and the car was full again. When asked why he did not have a pass, he said, “In order to get a pass, you must use the head of a company or a security guard under a sleeve for four to five hundred won. Will not remain ”(Anchol brothers,“ North Korea seen through a secret camera ”)