Class, instruction contents

The following is the content of guidance provided in North Korean school education.

Even in school classes, Japanese language, arithmetic, science, and music were all taught with propaganda. Dear leaders had a mysterious power.
According to his biography, he wrote 1,500 books in three years while studying at Kim Il Sung University.
He was an extraordinary strategist since childhood, and every time he played pretend, he came up with a genius new tactic and kept the team always winning.
The classmates at the Hesan school who heard the story competed and played a war. However, no child wanted to become a US Emperor team. In the end you have to lose.
At school, she sang a song in honor of Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il flew around the country to give local guidance to workers, sleeping in a car and eating only small rice balls.
“Dear general, please take a good rest. We are all worried about the generals and weeping. ”(Pak Yong-mi,“ The Choice to Live ”)

In North Korea, the leader’s personal worship is paramount, and the dogma called the “ten principles” is memorized.

As soon as you get up to school, you will be struck by ten principles similar to the Bible’s Ten Commandments (the only ten principles of the party’s sole territorial system).
(Article 1-The great leader Kim Jong Il must struggle with a dedication to unify the whole society through revolutionary ideas.
Article 2—The great leader Kim Jong Il must be loyal to each other.
Article 10: The revolutionary feat pioneered by the great hunter, Comrade Kim Il Sung, must be succeeded and succeeded to the end. “(Id.)

Schools instill children with hatred of Americans and American soldiers.

School textbooks show that American soldiers with blue eyes and huge nose are killing Korean citizens, and have been defeated by spears and bayonets by bravely challenged children. The place where he was was drawn.
During the breaks, they lined up in rows, sometimes hitting and stabbing dolls dressed as American soldiers. (Ibid.)

North Korea has no sex education. There is no opportunity to touch sexual content.

There is no sex education in North Korea.
Unmarried daughters may learn about sex from mothers and doctors, but at that time I had never heard of sex (ibid.)