What kind of holiday is a “Tano”?

In 1989, the Tano festival, one of the country’s oldest festivals, authorized by the authorities for the first time in forty years, was revived publicly. May 5 of the ancient lunar calendar is the holiday, but this year was June 8 of the new calendar. The weather in Pyongyang was unfortunate by this day, and although it started raining in the morning, the hills of Botan Peak, where the old city walls remained, were crowded.
In the medieval history book “Samgun Nusa”, this festival was formerly called “Car Day”. Like most private festivals, this festival is not a coincidence.
By this time, spring sowing has ended, and summer mowing is about to begin. In the meantime, it was always to celebrate the successful completion of rice planting.
Agricultural work on the Korean Peninsula, as its history indicates, is best on the lunar calendar. In the past, it was customary to give a fan to nobles and officials on this day, and at home they raised amulets for amulets.
Popular among young daughters in the swing competition called “Knedigi”, the man competed for the national sport “Sirum”. (Alexander Zhebin, “The Kim Dynasty I See,”)

On this day, people enjoy swings and sumo wrestling, and eat rice cakes, a treat.

On June 8, 1989, on a cooperative farm named Piro, their daughters literally flew up to a willow branch on a swing and preferred wrestlers around a sandy ring Cheering to encourage was swirling. The winning wrestler was presented with a bull decorated with flowers according to the ancient ceremony. In the spacious vacant lot in front of the management building, there are “tug of war” and “board jumping competition” (play in which the center of a long board is placed on a round rather than a table, people stand on both ends and jump alternately), and children A new competition-a tricycle competition-was added to the Dango festival. Children were waiting for rabbit products, but it is the duty of all the Boy Scouts to raise rabbits and supply the meat to the nation in this country. The best treat of the day is a small round mochi that looks like a wheel. It is made by boiling young mugwort and kneading sticky rice flour. (Ibid.)
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