I will quote about the subjects at North Korean schools.

Until the third year of the People’s School, “Childhood of President Kim Il Sung”, “Childhood of Comrade Kim Jong Il”, “National Language” “Mathematics” “Science” “Music” A total of eight subjects, “Drawing” and “Physical Education”. In the fourth grade, foreign languages ​​are added to this. It can be English or Russian, but students are not free to choose. If your homeroom teacher majored in Russian when you were a student, Russian will be automatically determined, and English will be automatically determined as English. (Lu Kinzhu, “North Korea Seen by a Girl”)
For foreign languages, English and Russian are selected, and the school decides on each class. Two years later, all children took English since the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Asahi Shimbun Aera editorial department “Exiles from North Korea”)
There are three classes in the history of revolution, “great leather”, “parent leather”, and “labor work”, with eight classes a week. “Revolution” is “great leader Revolutionary history of Comrade Nissei” “Parent” is “revolutionary history of dear leader Kim Jong Il” “Labor” is the work established by the two as chief and secretary It is time to learn and write. (Kim Won-hyun family “I want to live! Escape from hunger and despair”)
The most important subjects in school education are “Childhood of Kim Il Sung” and “Childhood of Kim Jong Il leader”. Therefore, a child with a low score in this “childhood” second subject is more angry than a child with a low language and arithmetic. In the case of Japanese language and arithmetic, it is enough to get angry that “ why can not study properly ”, but if the performance of “ childhood ” is bad, you are mercilessly beaten as “ you are failed ”, and in some cases even the child’s personality problem I will.
“I can’t remember the footsteps of the great leader of our country because your heart isn’t straight at you. Isn’t it a” rebound “?”
The two childhoods are history and social studies in other countries. There is no general “history” or “society” subject at the people’s school.
Evidence that these two subjects are of paramount importance is that the first hour of enrollment in any kindergarten is “Kim Il Sung’s childhood” and the second hour is “Kim Jong Il leader” Comrade childhood. ”
(Lu Jinzhu, op.cit.)
Generally speaking, one year after entering college, it is thought that there is almost no need to study liberal arts subjects, and it is better to focus on specialized studies only. However, learning about Kim and his son will continue.
Not only college students but also ordinary people are destined for education on Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il until his death. From the preparatory course of the university to the graduation of the fourth year, “History of Comrade Kim Il Sung Revolution” and “History of Comrade Kim Jong Il Revolution” “Party Policy” “Basic of Kim Il Sung Principle” “Current Party Policy” “Education of the kind of” subject philosophy “is performed.
If the courses related to Kim Father and Son are excellent, they will close their eyes even if other courses are not possible. Conversely, no matter how good the specialized subjects are, if the subjects related to Kim father and son are bad, they will be unconditionally failed.
In North Korea, ten to nine points are top honors, eight to seven points are honorable, six to five points are normal, and four or less are failures. And for all the exams, you must write the pride and words of the father and son before you can solve the problem.
Even if you don’t write it and get a 10 out of 10 on the test, 2 points will be subtracted to 8 points.
When writing Kim’s words, it must always be at the top.
“Dear Prime Comrade Nissei taught:
“The great leader Kim Jong Il said:
After writing this, I was able to solve the problem for the first time.
You must memorize the words and words of Kim Father and son accurately, but be sure to use “” (quotation marks), and if you make a mistake in even one of them, you will get 0 points. If so, it is 10 points.
For example, even if you couldn’t remember one letter of Kim and his son without mistake, if you remember the content, you have to write it in another format.
“Dear Prime Comrade Nissei taught:
“The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il said:”
After you start writing like this, just write what you said without adding “” (quotation marks).
However, in this case, ten points are not obtained and the score is eight points or less.
However, you can think and solve the course of the father and son in mathematical formulas, for example, but since all dates are systematized by age, they can only be written by memorizing whole circles.
One book has 500 pages, and there are four to five books, not just one, so it is hard to study just that, and of course the other subjects will be neglected. (Toshio Miyazuka, Sumiko Miyazuka, “North Korea: Amazing Textbook”)