In North Korea, those who make disturbing statements, even if they are parents or siblings, are encouraged to inform the authorities.

“Of course, our country is great, but there are many other countries with industrial power to learn. In order to learn from such countries, we must become more open countries under the leadership.” You’re a hero in the Air Force, but you’re obsessed with the People’s Army as a whole. I hope the ideals are high, but please be a little more mature. And what do you mean, Sung-Ill say outside …… ”If you find any signs of going against the leader, you will be asked to report to the authorities without question, even if your opponent is a sibling.
My father had studied abroad in the USSR. As a result, North Koreans were relatively rational and open-minded. Outside of the house, I didn’t give up on that idea, but when I drank inside the house, I often talked about that and my mother told me something. (Ju Sung-il, North Korean People’s Army: Living Hell’s Hyoei)

The following is an example of a family sniffing.

In my class, there was a girl named Gujahyang, a slender beauty who could study. I lived on the ground floor of the apartment building No. 32 in Hasingdon, the same as my house.
Since her uncle was the manager of Pyongyang Children’s Department Store, her house had black-and-white television not found elsewhere at that time. There were always enough snacks available, and in the evening I went to her house to watch TV and get caramel to eat. My brothers were all well-educated and chaired the School Boy Scouts.
At the end of the 1960’s, a theater was held for each cave at Shimoshin-dong Apartment Club. The mother of Gokunika played the role of a US military, and my mother was a security officer (police officer). Played a role. All of the neighbors in the neighborhood said that their moms were perfect for American soldiers because of their fatness.
One day in 1974, Guchika did not come to school. Aunts in the neighborhood had gathered and quietly told that Gizuka’s brother had told the Social Security Department (police) that his mother was a spy. After that, Ghijinka was sent to the Ryogang camp with his younger brothers, and even her family, who went to marry, was expelled from the town. The neighbors were so close to the family that they feared that they would suffer some disaster. Fortunately, nothing had happened and that had subsided. (Kim hyon-hee “as a woman”)

Some people guide neighbors to make disturbing remarks, as they can score points for snitching.

Mrs. Son was the head of the People’s Group. Mrs. Son came under the rank of a member of the National Security Service. Comrade Khan was married to a Labor officer several years older than Mrs. Son.
As the food distribution was getting too late, they wanted to see if the people were talking about the crowd. “You’re complaining about food? What are you saying?” “I’m not saying anything.” “You have to complain first. Why don’t you have food distribution?” And see how they react. “(Barbara Demick, Nothing to Envy:Ordinary Lives in North Korea)
When he was marching in a rural area, one of his colleagues tweeted, “This year is going to be a bad harvest,” “I’m hungry and I can’t stand it.” I did. ” Colleagues were later sent to the mine. (Asahi newspaper Aera editorial department, “Exiles from North Korea”)

A secret police called the Guard Department scouts the Snitch Store.

It was a member of the security department stationed at the university that scouted a college student to the informant. In a class of about three people, only two people are scouted. “Once you look, you can’t refuse. Once you’ve become an informant, you’ll be called regularly to report on the behavior of your classmates.” Of course, you can’t just say “nothing to report.” Sometimes they say, “Visible. Sometimes you can expect” results. ” “Some snitchers stand in a corner and report an incident that is unbelievable and unmistakable.” (Lee Yonghe, “North Korea: The Night of a Secret Assembly.”)

No matter how cautious, a young child can “sniff” a family without knowing it.

A party executive secretly called a shrine maiden to pray. She was eager to help her wife with terminal cancer. It is a strict humble to the family. If known by the secret police, he would be the owner of pre-modern anti-revolutionary ideas, and there is no doubt that he went to the camp. However, a child of an elementary school student talked about the situation to his homeroom teacher during school reflection. Reflection time is an informal class. Thanks to this, the whole family was sent to the mountains. (Ibid.).