Slogan tree

In North Korea, there is a tree called slogan tree that is engraved with propaganda.

As of the end of December 1991, 99 cities, counties, and regions throughout North Korea said, “The number of slogan trees is over 10,000, over 660, Revolutionary sites and relics have been discovered. ”
According to Kim Il-sung’s teachings, “ Recently, during the revolutionary struggle excavated all over the country, many slogan trees and revolutionary ruins, relics, etc. It proves that it has been deployed extensively and deeply. It is valuable proof. ”
Kim Jong Il further commented, “ The slogan tree excavated this time shows that during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, revolutionary fighters had a thorough view of revolutionary leadership and worshiped and worshiped them. I can understand it. ” (Toshio Miyazuka, Sumiko Miyazuka, “North Korea—Amazing Textbook”)
Slogan tree. The first report of the discovery of this tree was Korean Central Broadcasting on January 11, 1989.
Before the release of the anti-Japanese partisan (before August 15, 1945), a tree that peeled off the bark and wrote a slogan praising Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Shu was suddenly 2,500,000. A book was also found.
Later, this slogan tree was discovered not only around Mt.Paktu, but also throughout North Korea, but only the slogan tree near the bunkering of Mt. Under the instructions of Kim and Kim Jong Il, a permanent preservation measure was taken to cover the slogan with a glass frame and cover it with a tarpaulin. Moreover, it seems that this seat can be moved up and down electrically.
The slogan found near the Mt.Paktu slogan is that in the Japanese document, “Defeat the Japanese fascist, warlords”, “Hurray for the victory of Anti-Japanese War”, “Youth of Korea, come promptly and strongly participate in the anti-Japanese war Let’s do it “.
“Paktu Gwangmyeong-sung”, “East and West, the world’s greatest men who are not in the heavens and heavens are listed here. The sun of the ethnic group, General Kim Il Sung and the Paktu Gwangmyeong-sung who take over the sun” or “Oh, Korea, Bald The purpose was to praise the appearance of Kim Jong Il, such as “Information on the birth of Gwangmyeong-sung.” (Ibid.)

This slogan tree was artificially created under the guidance of the North Korean government.

Strictly banned residents from entering the mountains on the pretext that there are signs that the minions of the U.S. Emperor are hiding in the forests of this area and doing destructive work in the Republic He went into the forest, found a suitable tree, peeled off the skin, and sculpted or wrote the slogan celebrating Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. After the above construction, the ban on the entry of residents into the area of ​​”survey site” was banned for three years. The temperature difference is high in the mountainous area of ​​North Korea. After three years, the written letters will fade in the snow and rain and look “old”. From May 87 to December 88, three years later, a number of operatives who had peeled the bark of a tree and wrote a slogan had entered the forest and found a slogan tree. (Ibid.)
In the slogan, “When the independence is achieved, give the golden throne with pearls laid to the savior of the country of saving, Kim Il Sung, and forever respect it.” Invite the hero, Commander Kim Il Sung, to the platform of the Gwangju Celebration, and let’s follow the end of the earth! ” Appears and the fame of Korea rises under its great name. “The blessed bright star shines, the future of Korea is bright.” “The Paktu bright star–let’s celebrate this age forever in 1954. There was also something. (Alexander Zhebin, “The Kim Dynasty I See”)
The land where the Kim Il Sung clan stayed is occupied by huge white marble boulders, which are thought to be dozens of tons, and the words of Kim Il Sung and Kim Masayoshi were raised by themselves. It is inscribed on the mark of a bonfire or the camp where she cooked for Kim Il Sung.
Cover the area where the bonfire cinders remain with a glass case, insert a truncated old tree trunk into a Japanese glass tube, and withdraw the old clothes, written by Anti-Japanese Partizans in the 3rd and 40s. Argon gas is injected into the glass case to keep it from getting dirty, the required temperature is maintained, the case is covered with a cloth, and this can be moved up and down with a single button.