A slogan written in white letters on a red background was also displayed on the mountains and fields at each village entrance.
“I will bless the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung of Bansu Mukyo.”
“Glorious Workers Party of Korea!”
“Speed ​​battle annihilation battle”
“Absoluteness Unconditionality”
(Choi Eun-hee, Shin Sang-ok “Emperor from the Darkness”)
A banner with a motto and a slogan was displayed on the hallway of the school in Hamxing.
“Let’s study for the nation!”
“Marshal Kim Il Sung is watching!”
(Lee Hyun-soo, “A Girl with Seven Names”)
In North Korea, every cooperative farm has an advertising room for the Juche farming method. It was a square 50 square meter room. There is a portrait of Kim Il Sung on the front. On both sides, “Let’s make the whole society Kim Il-sung!”
“Great live Juche farming!”
“Let us live!”
Slogans such as “Production, learning, and life in the style of an anti-Japanese squadron!”
(Antetsu brothers “North Korea seen by a secret camera”)
The party slogan “Saving, saving, saving again!” is, of course, included in the work of the People’s Group.
(Alexander Zhebin, “The Golden Dynasty I See”)