Elite training School

Many North Korean defectors and journalists talk about educational institutions in North Korea about elite training schools and famous schools with privileged classes.

The Namsan School (a special school only available to Central Party officials or children of independent fighters) is a so-called socialist aristocratic school where only senior high-ranking children of the party can attend. There are from kindergarten to high school. The Boys’ Palace, located in downtown Pyongyang, is a special educational facility where only children with a strong party character (family loyalty to the party) can attend.
The Mankeidai Revolutionary Academy, next to Mankeidai, is a school where children of the so-called Revolutionary Family go to school. From the kindergarten course, they wear military uniforms with red streaks on their pants, provide military education, and conduct military education. I am in the treatment of the class. They also receive all material benefits, such as purchasing items at the “ten store”, which is only available to directors and above. (Sin Sang-ok, Choi Eun-hee, “Emperor from the Darkness”)
Kim-Song Junior High School ran and managed the Student Boys’ Palace, a school dedicated to nurturing artists. At the time of the first event, the students of this school mostly form the “Korean Boys’ Celebrations” and are mobilized for various events. At the time of the big event, five or six people, and more than twenty people appear on the main platform where Kim Il Sung is present, celebrating the longevity of Kim Il Sung with an inspiring voice and praising his achievements. (“Now, as a woman”)
・ Nampo College of Art: Kim Jong Il’s “Popular Art Policy” was focused on art, and art colleges were established on each street. Preparations were still necessary for each case, and the city was selected on a trial basis. (Shin Young-hee “I was the dancer of Kim Jong Il”)
My Songbun belonged to the better one. My mother studied at the Mangedai Revolutionary Orphans Women’s Academy after her father died in the Korean War. (Asahi newspaper Aera editorial department, “Exiles from North Korea”)
When I realized, my father was studying abroad at the Political Science College of Social Security in Pyongyang, where he sometimes returned on holidays. The university is well-known as an elite training institution for prospective young people to enroll on a workplace recommendation. After finishing military service, my father had been working for the Ministry of Social Security in Hamxing, but he had a good career and entered a university on recommendation when he was a commander of the coastal area platoon. (Lu Jinzhu, “North Korea Seen by a Girl”)
Kim Jong-suk University of Teachers is the best of the three teacher universities in Chongjin. (Barbara Demick, Nothing to Envy:Ordinary Lives in North Korea)

The following Ngwangwang Women’s High School is not an elite school, but has become a famous school after visiting Kim Il Sung.

Neriko Women’s High School in Datong River was coeducation before April 1979. Schools have home economics classes such as sewing, and special classrooms for them.
The most popular are music clubs.
After school, every student must study at least one musical instrument. What made the girls’ school so famous was the instructions given to him in 1970 when Kim Il Sung toured him to establish the Red Guard.
(Alexander Zhebin, The Kim Dynasty I See)

The following is a story from a sports elite school.

The Central Sports Academy in Nampo is a school that trains national players. The process of high and junior high school and the process of university are connected, and it is a nine-year system.
When the school visited Minamiura on February 2, 1975, the school was instructed to establish a physical education institute to train national athletes and physical education coaches because of the good environment. It was founded in 1977 after two years of construction.
I was separated from the competition department for athlete training and the normal department department for coach training, but I belonged to the competition department. At that time, the national treatment of athletes was good, and many parents wanted to raise children as athletes.
In particular, table tennis is one of the promising events in North Korea, and it was so proud of the clan to be a national table tennis player. (Kang Cheol-Hwan, An-hyuk “Escape from North Korea”)
In addition to the Physical Education Institute, there is also Nampo Fisheries University in Nampo. Fisheries University students often attacked the corn fields and the pits containing kimchi, stolen them, and ate them. On the other hand, the students of the physical education school entered the surrounding villages to steal better, so they were called “thief training schools”. Fisheries University has many well-discharged military personnel. (Ibid.)