Sanitation business

At the end of March, North Korea will remove lice and inspect portraits as a “sanitary business.”

The “sanitation business” begins nationwide from the end of March. The hygiene test is to check the tidy, underwear, and hair lice eggs on the hair. Some days before the hygiene test, the students examine each other’s hair, pick up lice and eggs, wash with vinegar, and drop with a comb, but at the time of inspection, lice eggs are always Some are found.
Some lice always come out from underwear.
Next is the examination of the management status of the portrait. If there is dust or even a few wrinkles or folds, it will be a big incident. He will be called, criticized for thought, and punished.
The people’s group asks the homes for a sanitary inspection, and after the inspection, puts “passed” and “failed” papers on the gate. (Kim hyon-hui “as a woman”)