In 1973, a monitoring organization for workers called Samdaehyongmyeongsojo (meaning a small group for the three major revolutions) was formed. The following is an overview.

It was organized by Kim Jong Il in 1973 to implement a revolution in thought, technology and culture. It is said that he imitated the Red Guard of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and a loyal young man was mobilized. He had great authority at work sites nationwide and watched senior executives. He lifted that he could not fulfill the order. Since the 1980s, he has been providing guidance on the construction of monumental buildings, and has held key positions as a faithful subordinate of Kim Jong Il.
(Asahi Newspaper Aera editorial department “exiles from North Korea”)
From around 1973, the “Three Revolutions” began in North Korea to reform the human spirit (thought, technology, and culture). In order to compete against the remarkable recovery in South Korea, we organized a young loyalty and student activist to create “Samdaehyongmyeongsojo”, dispatched to factories and farms nationwide in units of 10 to 30 people, and achieved the production plan. And tried to put the thought revolution into practice.
Samdaehyongmyeongsojo was reported to report to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and against this background, he gradually gained authority over party organizations.
For this reason, experienced executives hide in the shadows, “ Samdaehyongmyeongsojo ”, which is inadequate and inexperienced and has little practical experience, is emerging, “ Let’s make the whole society unique with Juche ideology ” “ Let’s succeed and complete the Juche revolutionary feat ” “ Production is also a student Under the slogan of “Emergency and life in the style of an anti-Japanese squadron,” “Thought, technology, and culture as required by Juche,” the whole economy was confused. By the way, Samdaehyongmyeongsojo is said to mimic the Chinese guards movement. (Buji Rong “The Woman Who Abandoned Her Homeland”)
The most important public movement involving all employees of a business establishment is the “Three Revolution Red Flag Acquisition Movement”. The three major revolutionary small groups of about fifty people dispatched from the center will directly guide this movement of the company.
In effect, it is the responsibility of the JGSDF to have Kim Jong Il’s SS execute the instructions of Kim Jong Il and verify that the activities of the local party organizations and the administrative organs are in line with these orders.
Most members of this group are graduates of Kim Il Sung University and Kimchek Institute of Technology in Pyongyang.
The leader of the small set is not a member of the Party Committee, but directs the right to attend the meeting and the departments of the Local Party Committee or the Central Committee of the Party on issues relating to the realization of the three major revolutions of business establishments. Have the authority to look up. (Alexander Zhebin, The Kim Dynasty I See)

Kim Kwangwook, a defector who was a member of Samdaehyongmyeongsojo, testified as follows:

During the two years before his escape from North Korea, he was sent half a year as a member of Samdaehyongmyeongsojo to labor sites such as the Ramjong Coal Mine, the Mobile Arts and Public Affairs Department in Pyeongcheng, and the accessory factory for coal mine exploration equipment in Valcheon.
In each assignment, the bedrooms were provided one by one and the office was provided with a private room. My job was to monitor the movements of about 300 workers by themselves and report slander to the administration and report to the boss any executive or worker unreasonable. Every worker, from the poorest to the factory manager, was monitored by me, and some were as old as my father.
(Asahi Newspaper Aera Editorial Department, op.cit.)

The following testimonies give you a clear picture of Samdaehyongmyeongsojo’s activities.

Three major revolutionary groups arrived at a communal farm near the agricultural research center in C City, ignoring the intentions of the field and imposing high targets. Rough land preparation and arable land work were performed to achieve that goal.
The work was also mobilized by farmers and students from nearby schools, but several tractors and trucks were used, and were performed day and night. However, republican tractors and trucks have poor performance.
When it gets a bit old, it usually takes a few minutes to start the engine. Therefore, the driver keeps the engine running even during a spherical time, such as during lunch break.
A member of Samdaehyongmyeongsojo criticizes the driver, saying, “Waste of fuel, waste of national property!” The driver defends a little, but it is known that if he keeps opposing, he will be labeled as a “ conservative, empiricist ”, etc. Obey.
However, every time the engine is turned off, it takes a few minutes to start the engine, so the car is practically useless. Nevertheless, Samdaehyongmyeongsojo complains that “wasting fuel is a crime.” Moreover, while the engine was running and shutting down for a long time, one tractor was left, and they all stopped working.
In this case, the only remaining thing is to overwork the workforce. Samdaehyongmyeongsojo held frequent meetings and rallies to resolve the “excess achievement” of landslide and arable land work, and beat the peasants, students and students from early morning to late night. However, because they do so, they do not try to go deep, even if they put hoe or plow on the land.
Crops do not grow well even when fields and fields with only shapes are completed. Despite this vicious cycle, they still report only the “over-achievement” of high production targets at the top, using inflated statistical figures, as a result of the Samdaehyongmyeongsojo movement. (“The Frozen Republic”)
Samdaehyongmyeongsojo expelled a researcher from South Korea on charges of evading labor. But he was the type of person who took the initiative in what he hated.
Samdaehyongmyeongsojo sought to hold a public criticism rally as everyone hated joining inefficient work. He was criticized as “conservative” and “revisionist” along with the director of the institute, and was expelled shortly thereafter.
The director of the Institute protested, desperately shouting, “I don’t care! I’m innocent!” But he didn’t explain his position, and a colleague said, “I’m a conservative! Those from Korea have no roots. “This has happened at factories and farms around the country.
One day, Samdaehyongmyeongsojo, who was dispatched to a farm, held a public criticism rally against farm novice party secretaries, managers and technicians. The accusations were to hinder the promotion of the three major revolutions. At the criticism rally, all of the farmers belonging to the rally are mobilized and open criticism is developed on a predetermined schedule.
Samdaehyongmyeongsojo said, “These people have hindered the three major revolutions. According to this charge, a pre-determined “Sakura” debate was held.
All of the pro debates support and accuse the ring of crimes, many of which are such.
“I saw ◯ (the name of a particular person) stealing cereal from a farm warehouse and taking it home. He should be determined firmly!”
When the public criticism settled, he was put on a truck and taken somewhere. (Ibid.)

The following testimony has been made regarding Samdaehyongmyeongsojo members:

Many Samdaehyongmyeongsojo have tattoos on themselves, such as “loyalty” or “revolutionary steps.” They also hang a necklace that can only be used by themselves, and at the tip of the necklace is something like a Samdaehyongmyeongsojo testimony or certificate. The necklace was a wooden rocket suspended by strings such as hemp. There is a small piece of paper in it indicating that she is a member of Samdaehyongmyeongsojo. (Ibid.)