Party Executive Privileges

What are the Workers Party of Korea executives and what privileges do they have?

OY, who works for a government agency, had plump cheeks on white skin. Although he was not as fat as Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, he was the owner of a moderately obese body often found in Japan and elsewhere.
The short hair that had been cut was finely divided into seven and three. He also wore fine surged people’s clothing.
“My salary is one hundred and thirty won, which is enough to live a satisfying life, but my wife is in a general office job and earns ninety won, so most of my wife’s salary is saved, She is now a very expensive saver. “He further emphasized that the republic was much cheaper to eat, eat and live than in Japan. In the days when he was a full-time activist of the Federation, he suffered tens of thousands of yen for apartments, but in comparison, he said, “Republic’s housing costs are as good as free.” As an example. “I live in a spacious 3-DK apartment. The room costs just over 1.5% of my monthly wage, including utility bills, and only 2 won. In addition, education and medical care in the Republic It’s all free and the state guarantees you, so you don’t have to spend anything on this front.
People with lower salaries than I can enjoy a happy life without any inconvenience. “He also tried to prove to us how the people of the Republic are blessed with abundant food and eaten every day. “The nation buys a kilogram of rice from farmers for sixty chunks and divides it with eight who stand for us. A family of five, like us, calculates on average that each person eats ten kilograms, fifty kilos, You only need to pay four won. You can get change even if you add a side meal fee. “(Kim Won-jo, “Republic of the frozen land”)

The explanation of OY working in a government agency is for short-term visitors and cannot be relied on. When North Korean officials speak to outsiders, they usually argue about how rich their country is.
It is true, however, that government officials and party leaders enjoy privileges and live well.

Party leaders are also favored for employment, workplace affairs and residence.

In terms of personnel, workplace arrangements and housing, party leaders listen to each other’s requests from parents and relatives, and handle everything on their own. Others have to give bribes to party leaders, and workplace arrangements and homes are cheap, with foreign currency, watches, clothes, and, if expensive, sewing machines, fans, rice and other food. I have to deliver the goods. (Chan Ki-hong, “North Korea: Ordinary People,”)
One of the choreographers at Moranbong, Park Gwang-sook, was one of the most protected by the Labor Party. Rumor has it that her husband has been working south, and that the party is giving consideration to her family. Therefore, Park’s instructor’s children graduated from Kim Il Sung University and gained employment. (Shin Young-hee “I was the dancer of Kim Jong Il”)
Kumsil’s parents’ home was in the Pyongannam-do, where one of his parents and one older brother went to the army. Immediately after Geumsil had good results in the executive business, his brother was discharged and moved to a workplace related to the Ministry of Social Security, living in Pyongyang. (Shin, ibid.)

Party leaders’ residences are luxury apartments.

We started our newly-married life without separating out as husband wanted. The parents’ house was a nineteen-story luxury apartment located on Jang Guang Street, opposite the ten-fifth-story Yugyeong Hotel.
This cylindrical building had a refined and majestic beauty. Mainly the leaders of the Central Party live there, and his parents’ house was on the eighth floor. One household lived on the first floor, but when it entered, it had a two-story structure. There were eight rooms in total, my parents-in-law and my single-sister-in-law, and we had extra room. (Ibid.)

However, some party leaders are not available. It is a car.

He used a public car picked up from the party. In North Korea, even the most senior executives did not have their own cars. (Ibid.)
Only rich returnees in Japan could have a car. However, if a returnee wants to ride a private car in Pyongyang, he can buy two, devote one to the party, and finally own one. (Ibid.)

It is the status of executive children to have a Seiko watch.

The dark shop / broker is a rich party / government official. Among their children, Seiko watches are a kind of status symbol, like the US-made jeans that young people in the Soviet Union and Eastern European socialist countries want. (Kim, op.cit.)