Military and Elite

Former Korean People’s Army soldier and defector Ju Song-il is a member of the military elite family. Song-Il talks about his family:

My mother was an officer and my sister worked for the People’s Army. My home was a “military family” or “gun squadron family” in North Korea. My home, which belongs to the privileged class, is said to have been closely linked to the partisan struggle for generations.
His grandfather and Kim Il Sung fought against Japanese imperialism and played a heroic role in the Korean War. I don’t know the truth. My father is a famous pilot who fought American imperialism for socialism in Vietnam. It may be something that somebody in the army has prepared because his father is not just a peasant. Now I can’t make sure.
Whatever is good is linked to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. For that reason, North Korea was calm and lied. Anyway, my home is North Korea’s best elite ancestry. Mother and sister emphasized that they were alleged to Kim and his son, especially outside the house, to protect their father.
In particular, his sister, Soni, shouted a slogan to exalt Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il at a school rally. In North Korea, the subject of studying the history of revolution in Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is the most important, but my sister put all her effort into this subject and scored a perfect score on the exam. In recognition of this, the school was awarded in some cases. (Ju Song-Il “North Korean People’s Army: Barracks in Living Hell”)

According to Song Il, the privileged sons are to be placed in the front-line “military police”.

All members of the PAT are elites in North Korea, and their parents must be perfect, from all levels of origin and home and school environment and career. There are two reasons.
First of all, if these “party kids” are holding guns in the forefront, their parents will defend their homeland during the war and will spare their lives in peacetime. .
The second is due to the fact that everything is under strict control and that children of such a family will not escape North Korea in front of them.
The hardest training and military service was at the forefront, and no parents could comfortably send their children. Kim Jong Il, who was aware of this, instructed, “Everyone who wants to devote himself to party leaders or their homeland must send their children to the forefront.”
When this was given, everyone began fighting for it, and now it was not enough to avoid being sent to the front line just because it was an executive child. Also, if they were confirmed to have worked for the police, they would have the benefit of being able to give priority to the desired university or good workplace after being discharged.
In addition, many people have recently worked with civilian police in their children and relatives, as they have been given the opportunity to close their eyes once if any party goes to the institution for any reason. Wanted to go. (Ibid.)