Luxury car

He was successfully bribing the driver of the Secretary-General of the Homeland Peace and Unity Commission, driving around like his own car. The car was a Benz 260. In North Korea, where passenger cars cannot be produced, homes with privately owned cars are all upper class members of the party’s leadership, so they ride around on top-class cars like Benz and Volvo. (Kang Cheol-Hwan, An-hyuk “Escape from North Korea”)
I rode with my family in the limousine on the station platform and headed to my brother’s house. It was told that the car was a nine-seater Soviet Union, and that it had ordered only one Hamgyongnam-do from Hamhung, the main government of the road. (Zhang Myong-sue “Betrayed paradise”)
The black car had no speed limit. Traffic safety officers who are standing somewhere in Pyongyang are also refraining from black-colored foreign cars with white curtains on which high-ranking officials are riding. When a traffic guard saw a luxurious black foreign car in the distance, he stopped the other car. Waiting for a non-stop high-grade black foreign car to run at a speed of about 80 to 100 km / h, then giving the other car a go-ahead.
There were ranks other than the black-painted luxury foreign cars. Mercedes-Benz with the top white curtain prioritized all cars. Leading the country’s delegation, Mercedes-Benz maintained its edge over Swedish Volvo and other foreign cars, but had to give way when he met a super-luxury car with white curtains in the city. (Kim Won-jo, “Republic of the frozen land”)
On the outskirts of Pyongyang, the dusty, dirty-faced children’s school children salute the boys’ ceremony in an upright position toward Benz, Volvo and a tourist bus carrying members of their country visitor.
This salute is the result of training to pay tribute to the black-colored foreign vehicle, a symbol of power carrying high-ranking government officials from the Republic. (Ibid.)