“I don’t know where I went, but I don’t have a locomotive. There are too many locomotives because there are many breakdowns. So the new locomotive has to wait by car, “Why don’t you repair the broken car?” “There are no motor parts for the locomotive. Has been disassembled and cannot be imported.”
(Anchol brothers, “North Korea seen by a secret camera”)
In early 1993, I visited the Northern Railway Directorate of Hamgyongpuk-do. In Korea, it is the Regional Railway Agency. I visited there to arrange freight wagons to export cod from Chongjin to China. However, the secretary of the Directorate of Railways says that the wagon is not available. He said that even if wagons could be managed, there was no locomotive to pull them.
When asked, there was no bearing when trying to move the train. Originally, the bearings and coils that Joseon used for trains were imported from the Soviet Union, but the lack of foreign currency made it impossible to buy them. As a remedy, we tried to use enameled wire as a coil. The problem is that this North Korean coil burns often. The northern locomotive has no windshield at the bottom. Therefore, it seems that the moisture of the line hits the coil. Soviet coils can prevent moisture, but North Koreans are short-circuited quickly.
This is because the enamel coating is not properly formed. Therefore, the Northern Railway General Administration does not say that it will not pay $ 20 per wagon. (Kangmyeong-do, North Korea’s top secret)