Local guidance and inspection

It is important that Kim Il Sung, who is a completely amateur in agriculture, goes to the farm, and that his “direct” instruction must be protected like a gold ball.
“Local guidance” on rice cultivation is a typical example. Kim Il Sung’s shallow “reason” that if densely planted at close intervals would increase the yield, walking alone, there is no sign that it will change even now. (Toshio Miyazuka, Living in North Korea)
Since the mid-1980s, Kim Il Sung had been effectively celebrated, and only favorable reports came to him. At that time, when Kim Il Sung toured the region, the farmers’ refrigerators were filled with pork, overflowing with vegetables and rice, and so on. (Ryo Hagiwara, Motohiko Izawa “Read Korean School History Textbook”)
When Kim Il Sung arrived in Onsong, he cleaned up the city, from end to end, in preparation. The great lord was greeted by a massive parade.
All inhabitants were mobilized and choired, bowed as determined and waved a bouquet as Kim Il Sung passed. Later, a hymn was created to commemorate the visit. A plate was attached to the accommodation near Onsong where he stayed, making it look like a small sanctuary.
His bed was no longer usable by anyone, and he could not even enter the room. The room where we stayed during the tour of the “perfect brain” was a taboo everywhere in the country. No one else can stay anymore (Why could there be a person in the place where the “sun”-the word for Kim Il-sung in North Korea?) And thus thousands of accommodations nationwide Have been worshiped or closed forever. (Kang Hyuk, Children of North Korea)