Labor wages and monthly wages

According to Zhebin, Kim Jong Il has expressed the following views on labor wages.

Kim Jong Il points out in a letter sent to the Ministry of Labor staff meeting on November 27, 1989.
“Equal distribution of wages will reduce the willingness of workers, create laziness and harm the revolution and construction.
On the other hand, if … maintaining labor inequality, people would be concerned only with material rewards and personal income, weakening the spirit of collectivism among workers, making a huge difference in living standards, and causing social politics. Harms mental and mental unity.
We must put political and mental stimulus first and combine it with material stimulus while maintaining a socialist division of labor system. ” (Alexander Zhebin, The Kim Dynasty I See)

What is the monthly wage of North Korean workers? The following is testimony from the defectors.

The average monthly salary of workers in North Korea is 40 to 50 won, the monthly salary of clerks under the instructor level is 120 to 150 won, and the heads of city and county parties and secretary secretaries The monthly salary is 250-300.
(Anchol brothers, “North Korea seen by a secret camera”)
From Mansudae I was paid 120 won a month. The salary of my father who worked for 30 years at the accounting department of the smelter was 70 won, the salary of my mother working as a nursery at a nursery was 50 won, and the salary of a bank employee who graduated from Kim Il Sung University at that time. It was 80 won. (Shin Young-hee “I was the dancer of Kim Jong Il”)
Three months after being discharged, I was assigned to work at the Kimchek Ironworks Alliance. The melter, which earns a salary of 70 won for 900 grams of rice a day, was a good job in North Korea. (Zhao Ying-ho, “Carrot thief”)