Labor mobilization

“The place where young people living in our era should go is the difficult and difficult coal mines, mines and tidal flats!”(Jang Ki-hong, “North Korea: ordinary people”)

North Koreans are forcibly mobilized, including children who go to school.

In the fall, students are constantly mobilized to harvest the golden rice. Some children work hard to fill their pockets when harvesting.
They create and steal pockets. Hang a bag around your neck, wear winter clothes when it’s not cold, and pack rice ears in your pockets.
If it’s time to harvest corn, hide it in a belt. The mean boys tell the teacher when they find them. The teacher then pretends to be scolding and picks up all the corn.
And the teacher takes it home, saying that everyone should eat on the last day. Sometimes children are stolen. (Chunkirs and his family, “The Motherland Painted in Tears”)
In our school, we decided to expand the rabbit breeding ground. Because red soil was needed to build a breeding ground in the back of the school, we were assigned to dig and transport the red soil in the back of the school.
Although the mound for mining red soil was shaped like a wall, it was dug up to the height of the ground, so it was inevitably like a tunnel, and if you dug it you would have to be in a dangerous state where red soil would spill from above. Was.
After working for two days, the length of the tunnel naturally increased to a few meters. The more you tried to dig red soil, the more soil on the ceiling collapsed. The students were terrified and screamed.
The twelve Tsuchihori-gumi were divided into two groups, and six people dug from both as one. Suddenly, the red clay collapsed from the tunnel in one direction. Digging about fifty centimeters, three students came out. Fortunately he was alive, but his limbs were broken and he was shouting with his dad and mom. When I dug about a meter, I saw the rest.
The soil on his face was covered with blood, and blood flowed out of the flowers and mouth. (Kang Cheol-Hwan, An-hyuk “Escape from North Korea”)
The male and female students aged 18 or older who graduated from high school and junior high schools said, “If the party calls, you must jump in the fire.” “The party calls the boys. It is sent to mines and forests. (Jang Ki Hong, op.cit.)

There is no compensation for accidental death at the worksite.

The same goes for the construction of the Shengzhou smelter where we worked. Large and small accidents continued to trail, and no measures were taken to injure or die. No matter what happened before Kim Il Sung’s birthday, she had to report her loyalty.
Such reckless assaults killed three university students on a construction site in 100 days. However, there is no compensation in North Korea.
If a person dies, such a tale will only be added to the overall time of the day. “Everyone! Today, my duty died in an unexpected accident. My duty was dedicated to the great leader’s teaching and the party’s policy, but my physical life died. But party confidence and political life are eternal. ”Our heart hurts, but we must applaud it and forget it. (Ibid.)