Korean War / Homeland Liberation War

It was a time of war when Migesungyanom (meaning the beast of the US Emperor) was beaten. One day, Kim Changgol’s platoon was ordered to take over the highlands occupied by the US Teal.
When the platoon arrived in the middle of the highlands. Suddenly, the American Teigles fired out hitting a machine gun. Kim Changgol crawled quickly and threw a grenade. However, the shooting of the enemies became more and more intense.
I couldn’t go any further unless I destroyed the machine gun of the American Teijin.
(Even if my body collapses, I must carry out the orders of the great leader Kim Il Sung!)
Kim Changgol ran like an arrow and closed the muzzle of his enemies with his chest.

Along with his powerful scream, the machine gun of US Teijin stopped suddenly. The members of the People’s Army screamed for years and ran up to the highlands. On the highlands, the flag of the Republic, where Ogakpyol (pentagon) shines, fluttered.
(Toshio Miyazuka, North Korea: Amazing Textbook)

“Sinchon massacre” by the US military occurred during the Korean War/Homeland Liberation War. The following are photographs and artifacts displayed at Sinchon Museum in Sariwon.

Hundreds of mothers and children were put in a warehouse in Sinchon and burned with gasoline. The U.S. Army put hundreds of children and four hundred mothers separately in underground bomb shelters and two warehouses and slaughtered them with gasoline. The tomb of the killed child and his mother was on the hillside. It was two bun-shaped tombs just up the stone stairs. Four hundred mothers were sleeping on the left grave, and one hundred children were still sleeping on the right grave.
(Kim Won-jo, “Republic of the frozen land”)