People’s Army Security Service

The People’s Military Security Service is committed to monitoring the movements of military personnel, investigating criminals in the army, and sending the goods to a special court once the goods have been identified.
The People’s Army Security Service is organized into corps, divisions, brigades, regiments, and battalions below the central army security service.
In addition, with regard to the civil guards working inside the military perimeter and the border guards in charge of the Kamo Midori and Tomanjiang border guards, security personnel are dispatched to the company and platoon to monitor and control military personnel.
Only graduates of the National Security Academy run by the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces will be appointed as Information Officers of the National Security Agency.
(Yun Dae-il “Public Security Police in the North”)
In the People’s Army, I was the snitch. As an intelligence officer of a political security instructor, he monitored the behavior of platoon members and officers, made documents, and reported regularly. My heart still hurts when I was a newcomer and Commander Colonel spoke about the weakness of the high voltage shielded network in the demilitarized zone, and I told him about it. He was discharged and sent to a logging area.
(Asahi Newspaper Aera editorial department “exiles from North Korea”)