Kim Jong Il’s wife and child

According to Kan Myong-do, Kim Jong Il’s first girlfriend is Song He-rim. Song He-rim is the mother of Kim Jong-nam, killed on February 13, 2017.

Kim Jong Il’s first love partner was Song He-rim. She was once a woman who had gained immense popularity as an actress. She also appeared in a movie called “Branch Line Village”.
Kim Jong Il at that time graduated from Kim Il Sung University in 1964, and was a Deputy Director and Deputy Director of the Advertising Division of the Central Committee of the Party. Kim Jong Il was almost in the movie studio. As they exchanged, love grew.
Song He-rim was three years older than Kim Jong Il. Song He-rim was already married at the time. He was the wife of a writer, Lee Min-young, who passed north just after liberation, and had two children.
The husband worked for the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Board of Education. Kim Jong Il broke up with her husband and assigned a young woman to her husband to leave the country on behalf of UNESCO in France. (Kan Myong-do, North Korea’s Top Secret)

Zhebin has witnessed Kim Jong Il taking his wife and daughter.

In 1989, North Korea’s airline, Korean Civil Aviation, flew from Moscow to Pyongyang, secretly carrying the troupe of Variety Show, who had appeared at a hotel in Moscow.
A Korean embassy in Moscow was carefully examining the Moscow cabaret to find a good performer.
Contrary to the regulations, the North Korean side did not inform the Soviet consulate of a Soviet citizen entertainer entering North Korea. In addition, the party’s stay is more confidential than a “secret delegation” visit, and the location is more tightly guarded than important military facilities. The care of the arriving invite demanded that Soviet entertainers be checked for AIDS.
By the way, such demands have not been made for performing groups in other countries, such as African countries.
The organizers have asked the leaders of the USSR’s Variety Shaw to have women members attend a “rest evening”, where senior officials from the country gather. Male members were not invited.
Kim Jong Il appears with a wife and daughter at one of the banquets where Soviet entertainers appeared and introduced him to a group of leaders.His daughter was shooting the stage with a Japanese video camera. All expenses, such as round-trip travel, accommodation, and meals, were borne by North Korea, and performance fees were paid in foreign currency. They provided Mercedes-Benz with party license plates and acted with automatic rifles to guard the government post where the show was held. (Alexander Zhebin, The Gold Dynasty I See)

It is unknown at this time who is Kim Jong Il’s wife, but she has one daughter (Kim He-gyong) with her first wife, Koichiten, and her son, with her second wife, Song He-rim (Kim Jong-nam) and one third woman (Kim Young-suk), two sons (Kim Sol-sung and Kim Chung-sung), and a fourth woman (Kim Jong-chol) (Kim Jong-un) I know there is one girl.
Hong Il-chon gave birth to Kim He-gyong in 1968, and in 1989 he was over 20 years old, so it is likely that Zhebin witnessed Kim Young-suk and his daughter .