Kim Jong Il’s Villa

He owned at least eight villas, according to a book written by his chef and bodyguard. And almost every dwelling had a cinema, basketball court, and shooting range. Some of them had an indoor pool and a playground for bowling and roller skating. Full-scale racetracks, private railway stations, water parks, and more can be seen in the sanitary photos.
A private yacht with a fifty-meter pool and two water slides has also been filmed near his home in Wonsan. Wonsan’s peninsula has a white sand beach, which seems to be a favorite of the Kim family. A man who was a Kim Jong Il bodyguard said he often went there to hunt for roe deer, pheasants, and cancer.
All homes are furnished with furnishings from Japan and Europe. Beef cattle eaten by the family are raised on a dedicated ranch by bodyguards, and in North Korea, apples cultivated by mixing luxury sugar in the orchard’s soil to increase the sugar content of fruits are put on their table. Delivered. (“Escape from the 14th management office”)