Kim Jong Il hereditary

At 5:00 pm on October 8, 1997, Pyongyang Broadcasting Corporation and Korea Central Broadcasting Corporation announced that there would be a significant announcement, and as a special royal road of the Korean Labor Party Central Committee and the Korean Labor Party Central Military Committee, We compulsively proclaim that our comrades have been highly regarded by our party’s authorized general secretary. ” The people were full of joy and excitement, and there were reports that the people defended comrade Kim Jong Il with their lives, cheers came from all over the country, and the people raised fireworks and danced nationwide.
On October 1st, the Labor Party newspaper, Labor Newspaper, wrote in a 52th anniversary editorial, and the election of Kim Jong Il as “not a practical procedure, but a whole-party political business, The nomination of the party’s supreme leader was never before in the history of working-class party construction, “said the procedure, which was taken by “the consensus of all parties, the entire army, and the people” without going through formal procedures. He revealed that the measure was extra-legal. (“North Korea: The Last Choice”)
Before 1996, he did not allow his statue to be erected, refused to make portraits, and avoided appearing publicly, but came to the fore after his father’s death. Was.
That year, the Ministry of Education ordered schools across the country to set up Kim Jong Il Labs. (Barbara Demick, Ordinary Lives in North Korea)