Kim Jong Il Day and Week Schedule

The following is testimony of Kim Jong Il’s office and the schedule and weekly schedule of Kim Jong Il.

When viewed from Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang, there is the Labor Party Central Committee headquarters building behind the People’s University and the first-floor building has a three-story party organization leadership building. There is a work room on the third floor called “Office No. 85”, but the entire third floor is dedicated to Kim Jong Il and is also called the secretariat of the party organization leadership. According to Lee Han-yong, “Kim Jong-il wakes up at around 12:00 and goes back to sleep at midnight if he worked until midnight, so dinner will be at about midnight.”
He also knows that Kim Jong Il is a late-night human being, as he wrote, “I do almost no work during the day and work from ten hours at night to five o’clock at dawn.” In Kim Jong Il’s biography, there are many episodes of executives called at midnight. “Kim Jong Il, dawning in the office, goes to a construction site early in the morning and gives practical instruction until afternoon. After leaving the site considerably after noon, he does not have lunch and Moranbong Stadium (now Kim Il Sung Stadium), where he taught the practice of the 6th Party Congress Celebration Mass Game “Under the Party Flag” for about two hours, and confirmed the placement of the executive platform. Stop at Pyongyang Second Department Store to check the status of product preparations on holidays, then visit the newly-built Chuo News Agency building, head to Changgwang Street, where construction is nearing completion, and the top floor of a 30-story apartment building Climb on the balcony, look around the city and talk about the prospects for the construction, then eat dinner for lunch, return to the Party Central Government Building, and process documents piled up in the office until midnight. To do
Items of each department are processed by day of the week.
Monday: Party organization leadership
Tuesday: People’s Armed Forces Department
Wednesday: President and Party Finance
Thursday: Government office
Friday: Party Central Committee
Holiday on Saturday and Sunday.
(“North Korea: Demolition Newbook”)