Kim Jong Il guarding Kim Il Sung

One of Kim Jong-Il’s major achievements is his unselfish consideration regarding the “guard”, the “protection” of health, and the “protection” of the ideology of the leader (“The Kim Dynasty I Seen”).
According to official sources, Kim Jong Il begins to consider the security of the leader himself at the age of 14.
A four-part textbook for the People’s School, entitled “Dear leader teacher (Kim Jong Il is a teacher for students-teacher in Korean), the history of Kim Jong Il’s revolution” In September 1956, when a foreign delegation was greeted, an episode of Kim Jong Il complained that citizens were too close to the line of cars carrying Kim Il Sung and guests on the streets of Pyongyang. It is listed.
“Dear leaders have been instructed since then to establish order on the roadside where Comrade Kim Il Sung will proceed and to conduct rehearsals repeatedly.”
Since then, Pyongyang citizens have been rushed to “dry runs” with the arrival of high-ranking delegations from foreign countries. When Chinese leaders visited, about one-third of Pyongyang’s citizens, about half a million, were lined up on the street for welcome. (Ibid.)
Individual political officials of the Workers Party of Korea Central Committee were confidentially saying that they had no direct access to Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Il now decides when and where even political officials can meet the leader.
In 1984, with the death of General Secretary Andropov, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il mourned the Soviet Embassy in Pyongyang. Kim Il Sung, close to Andropov, was indulged in memories and somewhat sentimental. Kim Il Sung stood in the center of the hall and raised a greeting to Ambassador Shupnikov. Then, Kim Jong Il, who was standing before, turned around and rushed over the shoulders of Kim Il Sung in an irritable tone, saying “Fast, fast!” (Ibid.)