Historic buildings related to Kim Jong Il

In February 1982, in commemoration of Kim Jong Il’s 40th birthday, a government decree of the Central Committee of the Republic, which awarded him the title of hero, said, “Comrade Kim Jong Il is a day of struggle with the blood of Anti-Japan. Born as a savage, and grew up experiencing the toughest challenges of the revolution.”
Since the issuance of this decree, historic buildings related to the birth of Kim Jong Il have been created. First, in November 1987, a esoteric bunkery was erected in Ryanggang-do Samjiyon County at the foot of Mt. The following day, in August 1988, the Zhan-soo bong, which stands directly behind the escort, was named “Jong-il bong”, and the top was inscribed “Jong-il bong” one by one. Three granites weighing 60 tons are displayed.
In the immediate vicinity of the smuggling, Kim Il Sung once called the “Mt.Kanbek grounds”, which was once said to have “organized an anti-Japanese people’s squadron and prepared the basis for the historic feat of Motherland Gwangbok”. Made in August of the year. It also recreates the headquarters and troop quarters, alleged to have been used to plan the final assault on the Liberation Operation.
This “Mt.Kanbek ground”, which had no child in North Korean history, was suddenly created and publicized without warning. (“Betrayed paradise”)