Kim Jong Il’s half brothers

Here we describe Kim Il-sung’s second wife, the two sons of Kim Sung-ae.
They are Kim Pyong-il and Kim Yong-il.
Kim Jong Il kicked off his two half-brothers from the power race to succeed.
Kang Myeong-doi, a defector (former North Korean government official and exile rather than a refugee), said of Pyong-il’s personality as follows.

One thing that has made me wonder since I came to Seoul. It means that the southern people have a relatively good impression of Kim Pyong-il. Roughly speaking, Kim Pyong-il seems to be more dignified and dignified than Kim Jong Il. But it is different. According to my experience and observations, Pyong-il is smarter than New Year’s and much more warlike. There is no “if” in history, but if Heiichi seized power over the New Year, the chances of a second Korean War would be much higher. (Kang Myeong-do, “North Korea’s Top Secret,”)

There is an episode indicating that Pyong-il is “smart and warlike”.

The conflict between Kim Pyong-il and Kim Jong Il began to tickle after he joined the General Security Agency in the event of the Poplar Incident at the Eighth and Eighteen Itamon Stores in 1796. At the time, at the Panmunjom store, when the North-South relations became nervous after the People’s Army soldiers beat and killed American soldiers with an ax, Kim Pyong-il led a student at Kim Il Sung University to open a rally at the forefront, and he flew away. Together with Kim Changhe and Zen Wei (the son of Zen Bunseo escort bureau), he volunteered to join the mechanized battalion of the escort bureau. In response to the outbreak of the war with South Korea, he formed a death squad. Later, in 79, he was promoted to Colonel as Operation Director of the Party Escort HQ.
Kim Pyong-il’s life gradually disturbed as his position increased. He and his confidant Kim Changhe and others gathered at Kim Byung-sya’s home in the Great Wall area and drank alcohol. In addition to calling out the members of the escort ensemble ensemble’s ensemble to spread the turmoil, he also scattered watches engraved with the name of Kim Il Sung. Sometimes, they shout “Long live the Kim Pyong-il”.
In North Korea, where Kim Il Sung’s only system of thought has been established, it was an action that could not be imagined. (Ibid.)

The “single system of thought” is the only principle in North Korea and is the law. Only Kim Il Sung is worshiped in this country, and using “Long live” for other persons is considered a serious treason against the “single system of thought.”

Kim Jong Il did not overlook Pyong-il’s movement. He immediately reported to Kim Il Sung.

On the other hand, Kim Jong Il was aware of this movement of Heiichi through Room 10. Founded in 79, Room No. 10 is the only agency that collects and processes all rumors and information in North Korea concerning the system of thought.
Kim Jong Il reported this to Kim Il Sung as soon as detailed data on Kim Pyong-il was completed. Kim Il Sung read this and was furious. In particular, they were angry at the stage where they hosted a pink party with the women of the escort bureau ensemble ensemble and spread the “Kin Il Sung Clock”, and also chanted “Long live the Kim Pyong-il”. It came out in my heart.
“Get fired instantly!”
Kim Il Sung’s anger order has been issued. Kim Pyong-il was removed from school on that day and discharged. That is not all. The escort command officers to whom Kanehira belonged were all relegated to rural areas.
At the same time, Kim Jong Il undertook a total reshuffle of personnel at the Escort Command. An officer who shook a handshake with Kim Pyong-il was relentlessly stripped of his military uniform. The escort headquarters ensemble was also dismantled.
Kim Pyong-il, who can no longer stay in North Korea, fled to East Germany to end as a student. From then on, to this day, Kim Pyong-il has been traveling abroad, including in Hungary, Bulgaria, and Finland. (Ibid.)

When Heiichi drops out of the power race, his mother’s love will disappear from the front stage.
The ex-pleasure group Shin Young-hee testifies about this.

Born between Kim Il Sung and her second wife, Kim Sung-ae, Yong Il was also the younger brother of Finnish ambassador Kim Pyong-il. When Kim Sung-ae, once a boast of power, lost to the power struggle with Kim Jong Il, all photographs and monuments lose their record of Kim Sung-ae, the chairman of the Women’s Alliance, and their brothers For the word “branch” was used.
They were alienated and alert, and even those close to them were treated as “branches” and suffered disadvantages. But in terms of enjoyment of power and wealth, they were different from the mainstream, but they were still royal families. (Shin Young-hee, “I was the dancer of Kim Jong-il,”)
At one time, I had idolized the Kim Sung-ae. In the days of Comrade Kim and the chairman of the Women’s Alliance, she circulated her books and photographs. However, since the advent of Kim Jong Il, the publicity of Kim Sung-ai fell sharply, and instead Kim Jong Il’s mother, Kim Jong-suk, began to appear. (Ibid.)