Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and railway

In North Korea, a special freight car called No. 9 wagon is attached to the end of every passenger train.
The 9th wagon is dedicated to Kim Jong Il and transports local specialties, fruits and valuable raw materials to Pyongyang, and carries gifts and necessary supplies from Pyongyang to party leaders in various regions. Used for
Everything carried by the 9th wagon is stored in a wooden box and sealed tightly, so that even police cannot renew its contents.
If you do not undergo a physical examination, you will not be allowed to enter the wagon.
My father has an acquaintance who works on the railroad and says he can hide metal in this secure wagon and help him carry it from Pyongyang to Hesan. (Park Young-mi, The Choice to Live)
Gwangmyeong Station, one of the subway stations, is not used. Trains always pass without stopping. This station
The kumsusan memorial palace, located under the former residence of Kim Il-sung, is apparently used in emergency situations by the government to evacuate to a nearby bunker. (Andrey Lankov, North of the DMZ: Essays on Daily Life in North Korea,)
Kim Il Sung is afraid of heights and is not afraid to crash and die. Always use a train when traveling. Kim Il Sung sometimes goes to China. I don’t know when to go, but if Kim Il Sung is going to China, the route between Pyongyang and Sinuiju has been terrible two months ago. Everything around the track is polished, painted, cleaned and decorated.
Of course, there are no Boroy houses or buildings that are likely to collapse. Foreigners are worried that they will take a photo on the street, and there are only houses and buildings built to deceive all for viewing. Clean and decorate the house or building.
North Koreans do not want to be subjected to such coercion and do not like living near railway tracks. Students must also mobilize, lining up the tracks and the stones beside the road with a five-color pattern, and removing all the grass around the tracks. Inspection vehicles come and go every day to check the condition of the track, repair any obstructions, and support the paint.
I don’t even know when and when the train on which Kim Il Sung will come, or even who is working at the station. Shortly before the special train arrives, an escort bureau army escorting the father and son will be lined up around the railroad to determine where they came from, and barring traffic from ordinary people is also inaccessible. Participants of the No. 1 event among those who work on the railroad are designated separately, and other employees must work to work for the time being, but must hide and hide themselves when the train comes in. After that, keep track of the track again, keeping one ant cub away.
Of the several tracks, only the main line is opened, and it is transferred to a freight train that is stopped in the station yard and waits. All regular trains in operation are also suspended. They lock the switch and prevent them from entering other tracks.
Next, there is a danger of an accident due to a broken wire, so shut down the power, check all the signaling devices again, make sure that the escort bureau personnel are working firmly so that they can not work alone with railroad workers, work only with controlled vehicles . Of course, the special train that Kim Il Sung rides is an internal combustion engine. It is the highest grade from which country it is purchased.
(Jang Ki-hong, “North Korea: ordinary people”)