1945, triumphant return to Kim Il Sung

A Pyongyang City crowd tournament welcoming the beloved President’s return to the homeland was held on October 14, 1945 at the Pyongyang Public Playground (now Kim Il Sung Stadium) at the foot of Morambon.
The venue was filled with a large crowd from Pyongyang as well as from the north and south. The crowd, who thought that the old warlord would come out, shouted astounding when the beloved President Kim Il Sung, a thirty-age youth general, appeared on the podium. In honor of the beloved President Kim Il Sung, he responded to the enthusiastic cheers of the people and gave a historic triumphal address, “All power for the construction of a new Democratic Korea.”(Hagiwara Ryo, Izawa Motohiko, “Korean School Reading History Textbooks”)
General Kim Il Sung returned to his homeland with the anti-Japanese warriors. The Korean people, who have been waiting for the leaders of the nation who have been eagerly awaiting, have committed themselves to the thrill of the waves. From Mt. Paktu in the north to Mt. Halla on Jeju Island in the south, the valleys of Korea became a loud voice, welcoming the nation of the nation who returned to the homeland.
“Hello, Kim Il Sung!”, “Hello, Korea Independence!” General Kim Il Sung, who liberated his nation from abuse and hardship and gave death to his enemies, in his homeland that has lived in hell for thirty-six years The great leader, Kim Il Sung, who brought light and freedom, the joy of the Korean people on their sleeves could not be compared.
From “Wrapped in the Storm of Cheering” in “Kim Il Sung-Den: From the Birth to the Return to the Homeland” (Toshio Miyazuka, Sumiko Miyazuka, “North Korea: Amazing Textbook”)
Kim Il Sung suddenly appeared in the Soviet Army welcome crowd on October 14 at Pyongyang Municipal Stadium. Major Admiral Romanenko of the Soviet Occupation Command introduced Kim Il Sung as the greatest anti-Japanese fighter.
The tournament started one afternoon. Following the order of the Grand Assembly, the long-awaited General Kim Il Sung appeared in a brilliant and vibrant figure. In a moment, the voice of joy blew through the full space like a hot wind, and it turned into an enthusiastic cheer and shook the heavens and earth. (Omitted) General Kim Il Sung, who fought out the fifteen-star frost stained with the fresh blood of the anti-Japanese struggle-a thousand army generals now return to the corner of thirty million brothers, wrapped in bouquets and smiling I have. The crowd wept with tears. (Ibid.)