Kim Il Sung after Stalin’s death

When Stalin died in 1953, the Soviet Union raised Stalin’s responsibility. In 1956, Kim Il Sung’s liability issue will appear in North Korea. On the surface, it appears as a struggle between heavy industry and light industry.
He has been proposing “go in heavy industry” all the time, but at a general meeting of the Central Committee in August 56, he said, “The people are exhausted.
Agriculture and light industry should be given priority, what is going to be done in heavy industry now? ” That will become Kim Il Sung’s challenge to control, indirectly the responsibility of the Korean War.
Soon, they say, “Enhance the light industry.” Then China and the Soviet Union intervene, saying, “You must not mess with it. It is wrong that Kim Il-sung has done it. However, Kim Il Sung sought to pursue himself with his face, and opponents felt a danger to his life and fled to China and the Soviet Union.
This is the anti-party anti-revolutionary incident called the August Sect in August 1956. (“Read Korean School History Textbooks”)
Kim Il Sung started the Chollima movement around 56 years to escape such criticism. This is a heavy industry priority policy. For example, in ironworks, workers respond to the slogan issued by the central party with twice the output. It became a fuse and a revolutionary movement took place one after another. (Ibid.)