Party candidate and admissions screening

During his college years in North Korea, Jin-in-sook, a former defector who had once achieved a top class in academics, was evaluated for his grades and became a candidate for the Workers Party of Korea.

As soon as I was in the third grade, I decided to make an honorary photo with the Democratic Youth League flag in the background. Only one or two people can take a photo against the Democratic Youth League flag a year, which is the highest honor.
This is also important collateral to become a Labor member in the future. The picture was posted on the school’s honor board until I graduated from college.
This photo was published in the Democratic Youth League newspaper, so I was well known to students at the University of Communications and Night University, and I received a lot of encouragement letters from each other. I got accustomed. Finally, in a radiant light, he received a guarantee of admission at the seat of the model conference of the General Assembly of University Democratic Youth League.
In order to be a member of the party, you need two guarantees to join the party. In order to change from a member of the People’s Republic of China to a member of the party, a guarantee is required from the members of the member group and the member. There was a handicap that he had little experience at the worksite, so he was put on hold for the time being. However, Mr. Cha Chi-hwan, Chairman of the University Democratic Youth League, actively backed up and passed the event.
With the support of many people, he received a letter of guarantee from the party and attended the cell review meeting of the party. At university, party cells are organized vertically from the first grade to the fourth grade of the department. In the bridge construction department, there are a total of 60 party members. In front of them, they were verbally examined for party membership. Following the test, unanimous decision was made to join the party as a candidate. He will have to go to the district party after going through the university party committee for further screening. Party leaders in charge of the district also took two hours to ask questions in areas such as politics, economics, military, and culture. “I want to be a party member in every way,” he said. Candidate members must act as members in all aspects of the year, and if there are no political problems within their relatives, including their close relatives, they will be reviewed at the General Assembly. Then, after being ratified by the district (county) party, you can become a member of the party. (Jin-Sook Zhang, Beyond the Frozen River)

Kim hyong-hui, the culprit in the Korean air bombing, is also an excellent individual, and has been admitted to the party after being reviewed.

He was moved to Tohoku-ri No.10 invitation place, where he spent intensively studying political thought for about 40 days to join the Labor Party. He recites “the ten principles of establishing the party’s sole ideological system,” “establishment of the party’s sole leadership system,” “on Kim Nisshin’s theory,” “Korean Labor Party Covenant,” and “History of the establishment of the Korean Labor Party.” In preparation for Kim Il Sung’s birthday, instructor Lee Myung-kook, Wu Seong-young and the party’s instructors examined my membership in the study room of the invitation hall. We asked about “party rules,” “the ten principles of ideology,” “preparation for the party,” and “purpose of the party.” He turned to the portrait of Kim Il-sung on the wall, bowed down and paid tribute, “ By the political confidence and consideration of the beloved leader Kim Il-sung and his beloved leader Kim Jong Il, Considering the incomparable glory of the great leader Kim Coming to join and join the developing Korean Labor Party as a member of the party, he devoted his life to the leader with great pride and honored the party. I will defend and struggle to the end. ” (Kim hyong-hui, As a Woman)