Those living in Pyongyang are given a set of questionnaires to be asked by foreign tourists.

When asked what they think about Japan, students who answered positively that they are rich in economic powers were expelled from school. In this case, you have to answer, “I am an enemy who has afflicted us for thirty-six years.” Party leaders came to the team and did the exams. (Asahi Newspaper Aera editorial department, “Exiles from North Korea”)

Kang Cheol-Hwan stated that the strict ban on sex between men and women in the camps was “not merely a matter of fear of turbulence.”

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il fathers and sons dislike physiologically the blood of Japanese people and hopes to exterminate the Japanese from this ground if possible. (Kang Cheol-Hwan, An-hyuk “Escape from North Korea”)

The Koreans who had been in Japan were returned to North Korea by the “repatriation” to North Korea by a return-to-home business that began in 1959. However, their returnees were mostly held in concentration camps (called “gates” in North Korea). However, it is unclear where Kang Chen-Hwan learned from the information that Kim father and son said, “If possible, they say they would like to exterminate the Japanese from this earth.”

We can read what kind of anti-Japan education is being conducted in North Korea by reading Miyazuka’s North Korea: Amazing Textbook.

The Labor Newspaper, dated September 20, published an editorial entitled “Japanese militants are enemies for centuries.” According to the statement, “ 131 years ago, the ‘Un’yo’ case, which the Japanese militants gave to the Korean dynasty government and forcibly concluded the Ganghwa Treaty, was an army of the Japanese Emperor Indeed, it was the beginning of the Korean occupation (…) In fact, the invasion and colonization of Korea that began with the Un’yo incident, terror politics, cunning cultural rule, plundering human and material resources, barbarism against Koreans There is no shortage of crimes that Japan has committed in the past, such as repression, slaughter, and campaigning to eliminate ethnic cultures …. Today, Japanese militants are floating in overseas expansion ambitions and breathing militarism. The sharpening of the blades of the Korean reinvasion. The Japanese militants are the enemy of the Korean people who are incapacitated for 100 years. The Korean people will surely settle the crimes of Japan’s past. “(Toshio Miyazuka, Miyazuka Sumiko “North Korea: Amazing Textbook”)
Let’s take a look at the “Learning Guidelines” (for military officers and officers), which came into effect in 2006 by the Korean People’s Army Publishing Company, “About perfecting battle preparations for accidents in accordance with the current requirements.”
“The invasion of the Japanese repercussions has also entered a very dangerous phase. Those who have identified the Republic of Japan as the first target of overseas aggression have no choice in any means or method to achieve it. Is passionate about establishing a strike regime against Korea, which basically consists of establishing a strategy to invade us, qualitatively strengthening the invasion force and reconnaissance activities, etc. (…) The opponents are the US Emperor and the Japanese repercussions, the culprits of the world rebound, and the puppet of South Korea. “

The following is a specific description from a North Korean textbook.

“The great leader, Kim Jong Il, visited his elementary school with her mother when she was a child. The great marshal entered the classroom and looked at the globe. On the globe, Korea and Japan were also red, which was the reason that the Ilchenoms (Japanese scorners) did so in the sense that Korea was their land. The great marshal could not control his resentment, so he painted Japanese land black with black ink.
Then on that day, something really amazing happened in Japan. Suddenly, all over Japan went black. Then thunder came, thunder thundered, and a long and intense shower falling. From this time, people said that the great leader, Marshal Kim Jong-il, had the ability to move the sky and land freely. “From a textbook for a freshman in elementary school,” The Dark Japanese Islands “(Ibid.)
It was when my beloved leader Kim Il Sung was five years old. One day, Dad heard from adults in the house that the Irchenoms caught and killed Koreans at random. The beloved general, Marshal, asked the grandfather after hearing that story. The grandfather asked why he asked. This “wenom” means “short and violent person” and is a disdain for Japanese.

It was when the Gyeong-il family lived in Japan. One day, she was carrying a heavy baggage on her head at the wharf, carrying a young gyeong-il, and her mother fell too hungry.
At this time, the director bastard rushed and kicked his mother with shoes. Gyeong-il was also kicked off with his shoes at that time. From this day, Gyeong-il became lame.
My mother took Kyeong-il and went to a Japanese hospital. Even though the mother was worried like this, the doctor’s bastard said, from the treatment fee. (Ibid.)

The following is about the eighteenth Fujisan Maru case (a case where a Japanese cargo ship was detained by North Korea on spy charges in 1983).

Since North Korea lacks effective means of working in Japan, it uses the 18th Fujisan Maru case, for example. Having confiscated the ship and not allowing the captain and chief engineer to return to Japan for nearly four years, and having sentenced him to 15 years’ imprisonment at the end, the aim was to release it at a practically advantageous time. It is. By the way, despite the author’s eager request, North Korean authorities eventually did not allow Soviet journalists to attend the trial, which was announced in newspapers. (Alexander Zhebin, “The Kim Dynasty I See”)