Inminban has a leader called the inminbanjan.
Who are the people’s group leaders, how are they selected, and what are their roles?

In rural areas Inminbanjan is an unpaid job. However, Inminban has become the main unit for distributing some consumer goods, such as soap, and team leaders can always receive more and better quality items than they normally would. Still, not every Inminban team leader wants to be.
It is her task to track the behavior of all those spending the night in her territory, check documents and report to the police. In the apartment she checks all visitors. Specially appointed women, usually in their 60s, must check all visitor documents and write their details in a special ledger. In addition, she must provide “idea education” to people who do not have jobs, mainly retirees and housewives.
The party’s recent decisions on pig breeding and steel mill management must be discussed. In other countries, citizens undertake activities performed by municipal authorities. Inminban is responsible for removing garbage, maintaining water and sewage systems, and repairing roads near the area.
This is unreasonable because the aunt at the heart of Inminban is not a professional technician.(Andrey Lankov, North of the DMZ: Essays on Daily Life in North Korea)
All overnight guests must register in a special ledger.
Every night Inminbanjan submits a report to the police, stating the name, gender, location of resident registration, civil and travel permit numbers, the duration and purpose of the visit. Police carry out unannounced “home investigations” to ensure they have not violated these rules. The standard investigation group consists of one police officer and Inminbanjan.
If there are military families in the area, military representatives will also join. Public security police may take part in the investigation. The best time for accommodation censorship is after midnight. Many police officers stuck near doors or streets to keep them from escaping.
Meanwhile, the research group begins the search. Knock on the door and look around the apartment or house. It doesn’t take a superficial inspection. Search for places where people are likely to hide, such as cupboards, closets, and verandas. Violations must be reported to work units at both the customer and the head of household. It means that a full confession must be made at the next open self-criticism rally at the workplace or party cell. If things go wrong, customers may be sent to re-education through labor for a short period of time. (Ibid.)
One group is a community inside and outside of 20 households (Barbara Demick, North of the DMZ: Essays on Daily Life in North Korea)
Ms. Yoon, the 36th Inminban leader, was nominated as a leader at the Inminban rally. The inference is made in advance under the name of the regional office, drawing on the opinions of the residents. In general, those who are not working as Inminban members, many are pensioners who can stay at home all day, are selected as group leaders, and vice-group leaders are also selected.
In her group, 24 families and about 120 people have been transferred from the first floor to the sixth floor. Of these, 15 households are office workers, 6 households are workers, and 3 households are pensioners. The social class depends on the occupation of the head of household, and the head of household is always male.
Group members meet once a month and as often as needed. There is no room for gathering, and the largest house among the group members is opened (Dongfei).
In this case, the section manager will attend and speak with official qualifications. Inminban works for a regional office, whose staff are paid as full time officials of local authorities-district or county People’s Committees.
The secretary of the local party organization is also a “liberated” party official, a full-time official of the party local committee. In addition to the officials, the regional offices have official print distributors who are responsible for receiving all mail received and sent by group members and sending them to the group leader (Alexander Zhebin, “The Kim Dynasty I Seen” ])
Inminban’s crime prevention activities will be judged at the Inminban rally for minor or negligible crimes, and alleged crimes will be reported immediately to regional offices. The most common crime is theft.
The Inminban team leader is also responsible for distributing products. Once a quarter, they distribute rice distribution tickets from regional offices to members, and also distribute meat and vegetable oil tickets. Mr. Yoon replied, “ I will receive 30 won a month as Inminban’s team leader, ” but glanced at his boss, Mr. Kim Hassok, “ But it is not usually accepted for the nation. I just need my husband’s salary and my pension. ” (Ibid.)
The “save, save, save!” Slogan is included in Inminban’s work. Inminban’s team leaders have no choice but to wonder why households are turning on the lights too late and why they use so much water. Inminban is actively working on housewives, especially young housewives, to save money. This is important in the context of the country, where most food and industrial goods are allocated and supplied. For this reason, advice has been given to young housewives in a variety of ways, including advertising the experience of successful housewives.
Inminban has to send people to rural areas for sowing in the spring and harvesting in the fall. According to official statistics, rice transplanting and harvesting are almost 100% mechanized, but most people go to rural areas from late May and September to October. (Ibid.)