Political learning

North Koreans are required to study politics every day. Not only children going to school, but also adults.

It is not only schools that suffer from learning and memorizing Kim’s books. Even after the hard work in rural areas, he spends a little time studying “Dear Prime Minister Nissei’s work” and “Great leader Kim Jong Il’s work”.
Attend a study meeting of the work of the father and son of Kim and his father at each workplace, and remember the “New Year’s remarks (joint editorial from 1995)” announced on January 1st I have to announce it at work, so I can’t afford to be immersed in New Year’s mood.
You must strive not to memorize every single word or word. (Toshio Miyazuka, Sumiko Miyazuka, “Amazing Textbook in North Korea”)

In the following, defectors testify to the target age of political learning, the place where political learning is performed, the content of the learning, and the fact that examinations are conducted.

The “Kim Il Sung Comrade Revolutionary History Laboratory” is located throughout North Korea and is a base for providing such ideological education to North Korean residents.
Residents under the age of 65, whether party members or non-members, must participate in the six to eight hours of political learning held at the Comrade Kim Il Sung Revolutionary History Laboratory. More than a dozen notebooks, including the history of the Kim Il Sung Revolution, the history of the Kim Jong Il Revolution, the teaching of Kim Il Sung, the words, the anti-Japanese partisan reminiscence, the Kim Jong Il’s virtue, and party policy Must be prepared. Propaganda instigators always keep an eye on their participation in order to keep party members and residents from losing politics. Further tests are conducted twice a year to determine whether the ideological control effect has improved. If it is judged that the learning situation is bad, the workplace is relegated or degraded. (Yin Dae-il “Public Security Police in the North”)
When the New Year’s congratulations come out, you have to remember it as it is. When everyone is gathered in the Comrade Kim Il-Sung Revolutionary Activity Lab, the original text of the New Year is divided equally, and the party secretary assigns how far today they need to learn and complete censorship. Then you can remember that day before the censor and go home. Age does not matter in learning. Old people can’t go home without remembering. That’s why the elderly people who have weak memory always remain to the end and struggle. This is followed by a learning summary test, which must be pulled. So by that time, no matter where you go, you’ll see parents, sons, and grandchildren grappling like a madman to remember Kim Il Sung’s New Year’s congratulations. (Jang Ki-hong, “North Korea: ordinary people”)

The following is the situation at the 18th Administration Office, a North Korean concentration camp.

After dinner, we go to the education room. It takes two hours of learning. Safety officers and non-commissioned officers came and read Kim Il Sung’s “Anti-Japanese Partisan Recollection” and Kim Jong Il’s “Virtue Reality”
Read aloud, have them dictate and recite them. For that, a small study book and a small pencil are handed out. (Kan Myong-do, North Korea’s Top Secret)

The reason for such political learning seems to be to control the people by taking private time.

Sometimes you can memorize the speech of a great or dear leader. After work hours, you may be invited to attend lectures that last for hours. The themes of the lecture are various.
Sometimes it is “the early revolutionary history of the party,” and sometimes it is “the latest pig breeding.” There was also a talk on hydropower. Poems written by Kim Jong Il have sometimes been the theme.
By constantly instructing them from above, each person is prevented from enriching their personal life. But it was also a surveillance system.
If you always participate in group activities every day, you will inevitably spend less time without being seen by anyone. (Lee Hyun-so, “A Girl with Seven Names”)

There are also episodes of a lucky ordinary worker who visited Kim Jong Il directly as follows:

It was a story that actually happened in 1986. At the end of the year, a worker working at a factory in Pyongyang conducted a study summary of Kim Father and son, but the test results were too poor. He is the one who disturbs me. ” He continued to study with the lights on until two o’clock at dawn.
At that time, just as Kim Jong Il was driving around Pyongyang city, he found an apartment room with a light. Kim Jong Il parked his car and went home.
“What were you doing now?”
Kim Jong Il glanced at the notebook spread on the floor. “I’m studying the history of the revolution of the great leader and dear leader Kim Jong Il.” Yes, “he said to his wife that he wanted to have a drink with his husband.
Kim Jong Il said on the way home. “I’ll see you again. I’m a faithful revolutionary.” The next morning, a number of black cars came and took my family. The worker has been promoted to an executive. After these events, Pyongyang at midnight,
It was popular to sleep with the light on until three o’clock. (Jang Ki Hong, op.cit.)