Immigration procedures

North Korea has no freedom to move. You must obtain government permission to change your residence.

In North Korea, you cannot choose where you live. Moving from the assigned area requires government approval.
Rarely is permission granted for reasons other than moving work, marriage or divorce.
Changing the place to live without permission is not a problem for children, but it is a big problem for adults (Park Yong-mi, “The Choice to Live”)

When immigration, what kind of procedures are required?

Certain procedures are required for immigration across administrative areas. Residents will receive an immigration certificate from the People’s Security Office when they move, and 1. organization transfer certificate; 2. Military mobility certificate; Food distribution suspension certificate is required. An organizational mobile certificate is one in which all citizens residing in North Korea must belong to social organizations such as the Professional Alliance, the Agricultural Workers Alliance, the Youth Alliance, and the Boy Scouts, and are issued by such organizations. It is. For example, if you are a student, you must obtain permission from the Social Work Youth League or the Korean Boy Scouts.
In addition, the People’s Committee must be issued a military mobility certificate from the military mobilization department. This is probably due to the mobilization of troops in an emergency.
Food distribution offices must issue a food distribution certificate proving how long they have been distributed. (Koichi Ishizaka, Chapter 51 to Know North Korea)
Assigning housing to residents is called “allocation.” Assignments are received when the residents marry or relocate. If you apply for housing after receiving confirmation of residence from the city management section of the People’s Committee in your area of residence, you will be provided with immediate housing according to the order of application. (Yun Dae-il “Public Security Police in the North”)