Kim Jong-suk’s idolization

In North Korea, there was a movement to idolize Kim Jong-suk, Kim’s first wife.

“Three Great Stars (Samutesong)” means “The time of the anti-Japanese armed struggle: In the sense of three bright stars, the honorable honor of the brilliant General Kim Il Sung and his dear Comrade Kim Jong Il, and the anti-Japanese female hero Kim Hong-suk, As described in “Words Representing Figuratively” (“Korean Dictionary”), a new work was created to idolize and sanctify not only Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il fathers and sons, but also the Kim Jong-suk It was done.
Kim Jong-suk’s idolization work began in earnest around 1987 when the slogan tree was discovered, and the slogan tree includes this “three great stars”, “three great greats”, “three great Eiji”, ” It is said that letters such as “The Three Great Masters”, “The Third General”, and “Three Great Heroes” were found. Kim Jong-suk is praised in the slogan tree as “An Anti-Japanese Lady General”, “Beautiful Female General”, “Our Leader”, “Female Jie”, “Goddess”.
In addition to counterfeiting the slogan tree, Kim Jong-suk’s deification work included building a 15-metre-high statue of Kim Jong-suk in his hometown of Himyeong-buk, Hoonyeong, designating his birthplace as a revolutionary historic site, Have been forced to worship. (Toshio Miyazuka, Sumiko Miyazuka “Amazing Textbook”)

The “slogan tree” is a word that praise the work of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong-suk before the liberation of anti-Japanese partisans before their liberation (before August 15, 1945). Is written. The North Korean government announced that these 2,500 trees were suddenly “found,” but they were actually made artificially.

Kim Jong-suk’s idolization was promoted by Kim Jong Il’s appearance on the power stage.

As Kim Jong Il emerged as the only successor, an extraordinary amount of absolute work began on his late mother, Kim Jong-suk. First of all, in early 1974, under the direct direction of Kim Jong Il, the inhabitants of North Korea were forced to learn a memoir about Kim Jong-suk. He instructed him to create an opera and perform throughout North Korea. Most notable is the Cabinet Order of the Central People’s Committee on August 17, 1981. In the northern part of the city, Shinpa-gun in Ranggang Province will be renamed “Kim Jong suk-gun”. (Ibid.)

Kim Jong-suk’s idolization work extends to educating young people.

The Central Celebrations Conference was held in Pyongyang on December 13 to celebrate Kim’s 70th anniversary, bringing together members of the Supreme Leadership and members of the Revolutionary Martial Arts (anti-Japanese war participants and their bereaved families). At that time, Chief of Staff Chief of Staff Wu Kengryu addressed, “Comrade Kim Jong-suk is a politically and ideologically active person in the era of the bloody anti-Japanese war, and is a leader of the revolution (that is, Kim Il Sung). Resolutely established the leadership of the Korean Revolution, she arrested and frustrated the temporary elements of the revolution and the traitor’s anti-revolutionary conspiracy, and defended the unification and unity of revolutionary warriors based on the revolutionary thought of Comrade Kim Il Sung. , Fought to the end … literally as a shield, defended the health of the beloved leader, and all members and workers had to take the infinite loyalty to the party and the revolution revolutionized by Comrade Kim Jong-suk. ”
Toward this anniversary, gatherings and courses were held in working groups, educational institutions, and military units to honor Kim Jong-suk’s achievements, and feature films, documentary films, social, political, and literary works demonstrating her life and activities. A group reading party and a study group are held, and youth worshipers visit the land of “historical revolutionary glory”, which is related to the trace, and “learn from the model of Kim Jong-suk” between youth and women and girls Exercise unfolded.
Its main content was to educate “infinite loyalty to the lord.” He wrote an editorial on the Labor Newspaper dated December 23. “The greatest of Kim Jong-suk’s immortal achievements is that she has ensured her overall health.” “This is the core of her tradition of loyalty to her.” According to this, “Kim Jong-suk’s philosophical and advanced qualities and revolutionary attitude toward the leader are a tortoise of loyalty to the leader of the Korean Communist.” The Labor Newspaper published a two-and-a-half-page article on Kim Jong-suk, whose editorial was entitled “The most brilliant tortoise of loyalty to the leader we should learn,” while Kim Jong-suk said, “Our people have been For the first time in the world, she met the great lord and regarded her exaltation as the greatest happiness and the highest honor: she respected the king as the heart of Korea, the sun of the revolution, and the infinite respect as the liberator. Entrusted himself to his destiny. “(Alexander Zhebin,” The Kim Dynasty I See, “)