How to spend holidays

According to North Korean defector Park Dong-Ming, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Suk (Kim Il Sung’s wife) ‘s birthday will stop production labor nationwide in order to dedicate residents to events. That.

Every year, on April 15 of Kim Il Sung’s birthday, February 16 of Kim Jong Il’s birthday, and December 24 of Kim Jong Shu’s birthday, great like them A celebration is held that states that Koreans have become the world’s proud people because of their presence. “Commemorative lectures” and “recording listening sessions”, “Celebration Adoption Meetings” to celebrate the longevity of the leaders, “commitment singing their greatness”, “singing songs and dialogue poetry” “Loyalty Song Collection” … . The party sets out the outline and instructs these to be held for each living unit organization. For this reason, about ten days before his birthday, once in the afternoon, production labor was stopped nationwide and various events were held. (Antetsu Brothers, “North Korea Seen by a Secret Camera”)

Jang Sung-hee, also a defector, recalls that the enjoyment of the holiday was watching TV.

The most fun part of the holiday was going to watch TV. There were two houses in the village that had black and white TV, but we ate early in the morning, went to a house with a TV, and fought for easy-to-read seats. If I couldn’t take a seat, I would stand outside the door and watch it, but it was still exciting and fun. However, it is often the case that a power outage occurs without any notice while watching, and in such a case, everyone goes home with disappointment. Occasionally, there were days when the Central Party played a movie in the neighborhood. Such a day is as fun as a holiday, and that’s the festivities of the village. Steamed corn and potatoes, gathered in a publicity room and immersed in a movie. That was a pleasure. (Monthly Korean Edition, “The Woman Who Abandoned Her Homeland”)