There are various types of honors granted by the people to the state.

He devoted the money that he had accumulated for 16 years, together with the loyalty sentence that he spent one year writing, before the Labor Party Sixth Conference (October 1980).
The ardent hope of Xu Gong Zheng was to get a watch engraved with the name of Kim Il Sung, a so-called honorable watch.
At the Labor Party Convention, rewards and titles are awarded for loyalty and contribution to the party. Also give honorable watches. There are two types of watches, OMEGA made of gold plating and nickel, and while the value of the watch itself is considerable, there is a great benefit to those who have it. Discharge reduces anyone’s rice ration by half or even less. However, if you have an honorable watch, you can get the same amount of distribution. Xu Gong Zhong believed that he would always receive an honorable watch at the party convention.
However, the honorable watch was not awarded, and the donated savings were not received and he returned. The three young female employees working at the villa of Kim Jong Il all had their famous watches. (Choi Eun-hee, Shin Sang-ok, “Evil from the Darkness”)
During the fire fighting of the warehouse fire, he fainted, and everyone who was there was commended and awarded a medal. Military medal and Homeland Security Medal. (Ju Seong Il “North Korean People’s Army: Living in Hell’s Army”)
Korean evangelists and civilians also come to the morning-China border. When they see children working on the other side of the water, they sometimes throw food and throw them away, or float them in the water, because of their misery. The Ministry of Social Security and Security has instructed that the food is mixed with poison and must not be eaten, and must be sent back to the other shore. A child wanted to eat such food and picked it up, but managed to stop and return to the other shore. This alone gave the Kim Il Sung Youth Award. The children who were eaten were severely punished for humiliating the country, and their parents, who were in their decent positions, were also sacked and fired. (Zhang Jinshu “Beyond the Freezing River”)
My job at that time was the head of the lab of the People’s Armed Forces and Hoei University, and the rank was Colonel. However, in anticipation of the Pyongyang Student Festival, I received a special assignment from President Yongchang Hansung University. It was to buy eavesdroppers and various electronic products from Japan. Moreover, a budget of one yen is not allocated. At first, I was at a loss, but I couldn’t help but buy a $ 300,000 worth of Japanese wiretap. For this, I was awarded the flag medal second grade. (Kan Myong-do, North Korea’s Top Secret)

Below are schools, not nations, but they seem to be commended for performing well in certain subjects.

He devoted himself to the history of the revolution of the father and son, and always scored a perfect score on the exam. For this reason, the school was honored in some cases. (Ju Song Il, op.cit.)