The following is a description of North Korean farmers and farmland.

I met a farmer, but the old man was full of seams when it came to wearing his clothes. Countryside and fields where undeveloped, desolate weeds are unlimited. A skinny cow connected to a stream and eating grass. (Zhang Myong-sue “Betrayed paradise”)

The following is a description of a person who spent a childhood in a rural area.

“In my hometown, it was the child’s job to take care of the cows. His father told her cows to feed the grass, and often took her to the fields and rivers to drink water. Playing on the back of a cow or playing with a lying cow.
One day, I played too much with the cows free and lost track of where the cows had gone. Normally, cows come back at night even if they lose sight, but they do not return only on that day. If a cow has something, it’s hard.
Father is in a hurry. Seeing me crying and crying, I mobilized adults from the village, raised the light and looked for cows. ”
“And cows are loyal to humans. Dogs teach loyalty, but not as much as cows. Dogs, no matter how they teach, leave humans when tigers come. I’ll do my best and have that power.
Cows are important animals for humans, even when walking on dark night roads in rural areas. A wolf cannot attack humans when walking with a cow. There is no noise, the dark night road, the cows with bells hanging under the collar are quiet, and the sound resonates especially well.
However, at a certain moment, the sound of the callan and the bell of the colon stopped. This is a signal that a wolf is appearing nearby. The cow stops giving his head full and sends a signal to humans that a wolf has come out and beware.
Cows generally act as male and female pairs. He tries to attack with a chance, but if there is a cow, he can not help but has to escape. So it’s okay for humans to hold even the cow reins. ”
Cows violently resist betrayal instead of being loyal to humans. It will change your obedience and show ferocity. For example, when a wolf appears, a person holding a bridle flees away alone.
“In such a case, the cows rampage as soon as they return to their homes, and not only the cowsheds, but also the barns, etc., are swept away by their powerful corners and become messed up. I can’t help it. ”
(Kim Won-jo, “Republic of the frozen land”)

The following is about a North Korean farm.

At the headquarters of Suhung Cooperative Farm in Hamgyongnam-do, she was greeted by the secretary of a party organization in the village’s administrative area of village and the chairman of the farm.
The farmland area of Suhung is 450 steps. Of these, Inada is Miju-cho, and Orchard is Kuju-cho. A dry basin without irrigation facilities is Ayumi-cho.
The number of employees is 965, including employees in the management and technical departments. There are 244 houses owned by the cooperative. The farm was established in 1958, when rural residents began to cooperate.
According to Kim, a record harvest was achieved in 1989, averaging 8.1 tons of rice and 7.9 tons of corn per town step. It is said that ten tons of fruit were caught in one town walk. Mainly apples, pears and peaches. (Alexander Zhebin, The Kim Dynasty I See)