Escort Command / Escort General Administration

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il escorts are carried out by specialized units called the Escort Command (formerly Escort Directorate).

The escort bureau currently consists of one escort bureau (first to third escort units), two escort units, the government escort bureau, Pyongyang Security Command, and Pyongyang Defense Command. There is a deputy commander of the name. The five Deputy Commanders are divided into the Escort Division 1 Escort Division and the Political Security Division, the (Government) Escort Division, Pyongyang Security Command Division, Pyongyang Defense Command Division, and Logistics Division. In charge of the escort business in general.
Among them, the Commander in charge of the Political Security Department is the general manager of Kim Jong Il’s escort in the General Escort Dept. No one can meet Kim Jong Il without these three permits. (Jun Shimizu, “North Korean Army”)
The first escort unit of the escort bureau will be responsible for escorting Kim Jong Il and his family, the second escort unit will be responsible for the Central Committee and the escort Miyamiya, and the third escort unit will be responsible for escorting government personnel. (Kim Won-soo, “North Korean People’s Army”)
In particular, the first escort department in charge of Kim Jong Il escort is equipped with personnel trained in special murder, including special equipment for Kim Jong Il and security equipment such as dedicated airplanes. These escort personnel belonging to the 1st escort department include the Kim Jong Il villa, the home of Kim Il Sung’s daily life, No. 5 home, and the Kim Jong Il’s central party’s No. 85 official residence. Escort. Kim Jong Il’s barber, driver, aviator, masochist, gardener, and hairdresser all belong to the First Escort Department. There is also a huge organization called the escort bureau for the first escort unit. Therefore, other units below the Second Escort Unit must absolutely obey the orders of the First Escort Unit. (Ibid.)
Two escort bureaus are responsible for Kim Jong Il’s supplies management and government supplies management. Kim Jong Il’s supplies management is called the “Amisan Delegation,” a department that procures and supplies all supplies that Kim Jong Il and his family eat and use.
The Amisan delegation will directly manage Kim Jong Il’s so-called “No. 1 workplace” (partly managed by the Central Party Finance and Accounting Department), which is scattered throughout North Korea. They are also responsible for purchasing foreign-made products.
In addition, Amishan, located behind the main palace in the Taisei area of Pyongyang City, also manages a non-polluting special farm dedicated to Kim Jong Il and procure all agricultural and livestock products needed by Kim Jong Il. The name Amisan delegation also comes from here. (Ibid.)
Pyongyang Security Command is in charge of Pyongyang security. The Security Command will set up about 50 security posts outside Pyongyang to control all people and vehicles entering and leaving Pyongyang. Controlled persons include all local residents, military personnel, social security officers, public servants, local government members, local party members and vehicle cargo except those living in Pyongyang. The guardhouse will be used jointly with the Social Security Department. (Ibid.)
Pyongyang Defense Command is a unit provided by the escort bureau and the Security Command to provide security and escort support. Thus, escort operations consist of escorting Kim Jong Il and its ancestry and providing supplies to them, guarding Kim Jong Il’s dedicated facilities, escorting party leaders, and guarding and defending Pyongyang. (Kim Won-soo, “North Korean People’s Army”)
North Korea’s escort organization became so large after Kim Il Sung’s only ideological system appeared in the late 1960s.
Kim Il Sung, who was challenged by various anti-Kinichi constituents such as the Yan’an, Soviet and Gapsan factions, needed to eliminate them and strengthen escort operations to build a one-man dictatorship. This is because the.
It expanded the concept of escort to a large area, Pyongyang, and developed it into a general escort bureau with the existing Labor Party escort bureau, Pyongyang Security Command and Pyongyang Defense Command.
In addition, collective army-class armed forces have been assigned to the escort bureau to control the rebellion of the People’s Army and the National Security and Social Security Department.
The reverse is also true. Kim Il Sung (Kim Jong Il) distributes armed forces in a triangular regime in this way to protect his own personal safety. (Ibid.)
The 88 Brigade is an intelligence unit that reorganized Chinese and Korean guerrillas in the former Manchuria under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. Guerilla members in China and Korea were unable to resist the suppression of the Japanese army and fled to the Soviet Union around 1941-42. The Soviet army united them into a brigade. The official name is the 88th Special Sniper Brigade.
The brigade head is Chinese Zhou Baozhong. The Chinese call it the 88th Independent Infantry Journey. On the Chinese side, the 88 Infantry Journey may be part of the Manchurian anti-Japanese army led by the Chinese Communist Party, and not part of the Soviet Union. (Ryo Hagiwara, The Korean War: Kim Il Sung and MacArthur’s Conspiracy)

The selection of the escort headquarters / escort bureau is as follows.

The escort headquarters was called the escort general bureau until around 1999. The selection of the escort headquarters is done by the fifth division of the Labor Party Organization Leadership Division. The escort headquarters personnel have graduated from junior high school, including direct escort personnel as well as those who are in charge of auxiliary duties, from simple city patrols, to bureaucracy and management personnel, and have a high class of loyalty and strong loyalty Have been selected. (Shimizu, op.cit.)
When Kim Jong Il conducts official activities, guarding closely with Kim Jong Il is not carried out by members of the Escort Command, but by members of the Labor Party Central Committee Escort Command No. 6. Personnel who escort Kim Jong Il directly from a short distance will be assigned by a colonel with more than 25 to 30 years of experience. The escort headquarters is a unit (corps-scale) that blocks anti-government and anti-government activities and coups, and Kim Jong Il’s personal guard is entirely the sixth escort unit. Once Kim Jong Il moves, the guard of the fifth line (five-tier), and in some situations the seventh line (seven-heavy) will be guarded. However, the escort ministry No. 6 is responsible for the second line (or third line depending on the situation), and the rest is the responsibility of the National Security Agency and the Ministry of People’s Security. (Ibid.)
Once a year, escort members are directly selected by students of the fourth grade of junior high and middle schools nationwide by the Central Party, Division V. In the selection process, we will focus on physical conditions, background, and intelligence.
In particular, the class of birth is surveyed up to 11 degrees, and selected from ordinary children who have no senior executives in their families. This is to give his life on Kim Jong-il and swear loyalty. (Ibid.)

In the following, it is referred to as the “General Escort Bureau”, but since it escorts Kim Jong Il directly, it can be seen that it is the first escort department of the escort bureau.

One night after midnight, a sudden “storm (emergency)” alarm sounded. He thought it was training, and suddenly heavily armed soldiers surrounded us. We instantly realized what had happened. The event has finally begun. The heavily armed soldiers were members of the general escort bureau dedicated to escort Kim Jong Il. The so-called Kim Jong-Il SS, which has the highest power in North Korea, is a carefully selected elite of a total of 600 people.
The Ikkitousen, who are particularly good at defending, also reject the assault of North Korea’s Army Special Forces, which sounds the strongest in the world. It has the highest offensive power and easily penetrates the Government Building No. 3 in Pyongyang (the headquarters of the Labor Party’s plot agency), which boasts the protection of the iron wall. Special units within special units. (Ju Sung-il, “North Korean People’s Army: Barracks in Living Hell”)