Kim Jong Il’s episode

The following is a propaganda rather than an episode of Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il’s noble personality and his practical skills, such as his virtues, have such a story in his journal. One day in winter, filmmakers went to Samjiyeon to shoot and realized that they had forgotten to bring important tools.
It was a fuss, such as interrupting shooting. In addition, heavy snow fell and he was literally stuck. When he heard the story, he immediately sent an airplane to shoot.
This made her understanding of Kim Jong Il’s art even more highly praised. There is also such a story. A maiden living on a seashore goes out to the seashore to pick up a shell, and is obsessed with picking up a shell, unaware of the rising tide, and left behind in the middle of the sea. There was a block of ice flowing there and holding it.
But gradually his body sank in the cold water, and ice was the only one holding it, and his body temperature was only getting cooler. When Kim Jong Il heard the report, he immediately sent a helicopter and rescued her. Later on, in the newspapers and on television every day, he was busy praising the character of Kim Jong Il who sent his helicopter to help a young woman.
The people were willing to applaud the scale of Kim Jong Il who mobilized to such small things as an airplane. (“Now, as a woman”)

Thus, the North Korean people are taught to be personalities who understand Kim Jong Il. So how about that?

A military police stopped the car on Kim Jong Il without knowing it. Kim Jong Il thanked his parents for being shot, but thanked Kim Jong Il for saying that “ military troops are struggling and loyal to their duties all night and the front line is safe. ” , And the General Political Affairs Bureau arranged for me to proceed on my desired route. A Highway Department soldier parked his car to remove one cigarette and was a special car for Kim Jong Il. However, he was shot in a military trial and shot dead as a bad soldier who obstructed the general’s inspection of the front. (North Korean People’s Army: Living Hell’s Hyoei
My memory of Kim Jong Il dates back to 1964, 5 years. At that time, Kim Jong Il had just graduated from Kim Il Sung University and was in the position of Deputy Director of the Party’s Advertising Department.
At that time, Kim Jong Il was on an old-fashioned dark Volga and came to Chilgol. They mainly brought imported candy, sweets and chocolates and acted for the elderly in the village.
For the first time, I tasted chocolate, but I still can’t forget the taste.
The village elders called Kim Jong Il by the nickname “little child.” This is because he had a poor body of only 158 cm tall. But the elders were popular. I’ve heard many times saying, “That little child is a highlight. He knows that he respects the superior.” (“North Korea’s Top Secret”)

The following is about Kim Jong Il’s graduation thesis.

Kim Jong Il discusses the county as a hub of politics, economy and culture in his graduation thesis, “Positions and Roles of the County,” at Kim Il Sung University’s Faculty of Political Economy. It states that there is a policy to prioritize the supply of goods to rural villages and to completely eliminate the gap between urban and rural areas in material cultural life. However, it was after all a theory and it was never put into practice. (“North Korea seen through a secret camera”)

The following is testimony that Kim Jong-il has no teeth of his own.

When North Korea withdrew from the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) in March 1993, and the tension became extremely high, Kim Jong Il stuck to the office 24 hours a day. In September, when the nuclear problems crossed the hills in September, Kim Jong Il was riding for the first time in a while, intending to change his mind. Kim Jong Il likes horse riding. In particular, he liked to ride the little-known British rumbling horse. However, at this time, he fell down and severely injured his head and arms, breaking his blade. Kim Jong Il called on a French physician, who is said to have the most advanced oral science, to make dentures. (“North Korea’s Top Secret”)