People’s school

People’s school is an elementary school. In 2000, the name was changed from People’s School to Elementary School. North Korean elementary schools are four-year schools, enrolling between the ages of six and ten.

North Korea’s elementary school lasts four years, with the same teachers in the first to fourth grades. For this reason, if the teacher and the child do not match, the results will be slightly affected. (Toshio Miyazuka, Sumiko Miyazuka, “North Korea: An amazing textbook”)
Even when I was attending a people’s school, there were not enough classrooms and I did a two-part class. The morning section starts at 8 am and ends at 1 pm, and the afternoon section starts at 2 pm and ends at 7 pm.
In the morning, you have to go by 7:30 in the morning. At least 7 o’clock, you will be gathered under the apartment tree at the meeting place and will go to school as a group.
When all fifty students of the class gather at the meeting place, the head of the class attends and censors bags and clothes. When the censors of the clothes live, they are arranged in a four-tiered state, sing songs according to the command of the head of the class, and march to the school in step with each other.
When he arrives at the main gate of the school, the head of the class stops saying, “Stop!” At the main gate, two teachers and three on-duty discipline teachers watch on the day, arrival time, singing voice level, platoon discipline status and their boys’ ties, insignia, uniform skirt wrinkles, hair, ribbon, nails Censor the cleanliness status of each and write down the results.
Children who have problems with the findings will be severely criticized at weekly meetings. To increase the average class performance, the teacher taught a group of well-trained and untrained children.
Like most children who could not study, their clothes were ragged and their bodies were not clean. His head was shabby, with lice infested, and a yellow snot came in and out of his nose. When my runny nose came out, I inhaled it, and sometimes wiped it off with my sleeve. A large amount of lice occurred nationwide, and bothered my head.
The order of the Government Council was issued as “No. That’s why I still refer to lice as “No. 20”. (Kim hyon-hui “as a woman”)

North Korean children are embarked on labor.

In the Children’s School “Chibikko Project”, empty bottles and used paper are collected and turned around in town, and when they are brought to school, the teacher marks them. If you do not lose it or get a mark,
Work is wasted. Some children weeped without the marked paper. (Shin Young-hee “I was the dancer of Kim Jong Il”)
At the People’s School, rabbits were purchased as part of the nationwide “Seven Years of Foreign Currency Earnings” program. Was done.
Principals and teachers had to work harder on this foreign currency earning business than teaching students to be recognized by the party. So, at school, I put my work in the class.
(Kang Cheol-Hwan, An-hyuk “Escape from North Korea”)