Life summary / Thought struggle / Self-criticism rally

All people, including North Korean party leaders, are required to regularly attend self-criticism and criticism meetings of others. Let’s take a look at the explanation of the former member of North Korea’s secret police, the “National Security Service,” who is a former member of Yun Dae-il.

All parties, including party organizations, recruit members every Saturday to review the status of customary organizational life. In an atmosphere of self-criticism and mutual criticism, she also conducts political learning, lectures, and learning. While inducing their loyalty in this way, they are threatening to disarm those who are dishonest in their organizational life or uncooperative in their control over the struggle of great controversy. (Yun Dae-il, “North Korea National Security Agency”)
Be sure to write a summary sentence, and quote Kim Il Sung’s instructions, Kim Jong Il’s words, and the text that corresponds to his / her flaws from the Ten Great Principles.
On that basis, self-criticism and mutual criticism must be made. (Ibid.)

Next is North Korean researcher Andrei Lankov.

Claims that Kim Jong Il invented a self-criticism rally. This was incorrect and was widely practiced in Mao Zedong. But. It is certain that Kim Jong Il, who was thirty years old in the early seventies, developed a new model for those gatherings and has continued since then. You must write down all your sins and deviations in your notebook.
The soldier did not clean his rifle properly or missed his target during training, and the student did not do his homework well
Confessing that, the housewife admitted that he had cleaned the nearby street without proper passion. We must not only admit mistakes, but also provide measures to correct them. The end of the public speech with obligatory quotes from Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is the turn to mutual criticism. The average group, whether a party cell or a women’s or workers’ alliance group, is between seven and ten, with an average of one and a half hours of assembly.
That is, there is about enough per person to reveal and accuse each member of the crime.
It is common to prearrange criticism with friends and follow planned scenarios. Those who fear making a small fuss are much less likely to be involved. (Andrey Lankov, North of the DMZ: Essays on Daily Life in North Korea)

In North Korea, such criticism meetings are called “summary of life (summary of life)”, “idea struggle”, and “self-criticism meetings”. So what about the criticism rally? The following is testimony of a defector.

The Kowon aunt had a strong loyalty to the nation and was the head of the People’s Group. People’s group gatherings are held once a week. The purpose is for the state to keep track of the people’s activities and to give new instructions.
On Saturday, we all come together to study propaganda and criticize ourselves. It is organized at the school or work level, with students attending school gathering at class and workers gathering at work.
First, copy the words of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Just as people in other parts of the world transcribe the Bible and Quran verses. Next, write down everything you did in the week.
After that, you have to stand in front of everyone and criticize yourself.
For example, start as follows: “This week I was not thankful for the endless unconditional love of dear leaders.”
He said that he did not take on the work assigned to the party, did not study hard, or lacked love for his comrades.
Since we are all fighting against “American bastards” or “blood-thirsty west wolf”, love for each other was very important.
Finally, ‘Still, dear leaders have forgiven me with broad mercy. Thanks for that, I’ll do my best next week. ” ‘
After self-criticism is over, it is time to criticize others. If you name one of your classmates, you must listen to my criticism seriously.
No one did not follow the teachings of the dear leader, did not participate in the group work … After the criticism, the student in the ball was grateful to me, and from now on, the whole class will be renewed. Must swear in front of. (Park Yong-mi, “The Choice to Live”)
“We will begin a party life recap a week given by General Kim Jong Il, the greater leader.”
Party members working in the entertainment sector, such as intellectuals and movie actors, are required to have a party life general once every two days. Be in a position to know the privacy of the power class, and know the dark parts of the powers
That’s why. (Yun Dae-il “Public Security Police in the North”)

Criticism meetings are also held at schools, and children are required to participate.

The most difficult part of organizing a life, whether it’s a boy group or a social worker youth league, is when it comes to fighting thought. In junior high school, a 35-year-old unmarried teacher was in charge, but he looked criticized and blamed students who looked smart but had poor personality. At one point in the school general meeting, he concentrated on criticizing one child in order to eliminate roots in schools. The protagonist who was criticized was often absent, and was a failure who only loved playing on cleaning days. To be a class leader, I had to take a “criticism business” of course. “It’s an excuse that you didn’t have time to clean and did your homework. I was just playing outside yesterday, but I still have time to play and no time to clean and do homework. This is contrary to the teachings of my father, Marshal, that he must be faithful to organized life, and that he is not responsible for crying when he is faithful … ”
During the ideological struggle, Son Yeong (Song Yeong) was a child who stood up and improved his bold criticism. “Why can you do that? I have no conscience.
You are naturally ineligible to be a child studying with your father’s husband, so it is natural to drop out of school. ”
In addition to pointing out the weaknesses of the child, this child was in front of a double tooth and was nicknamed by the boys as “chodemi (meaning a good beaker).” Schools are developing loyalties that can criticize not only friends, but also parents and siblings, as they look for seeds of criticism during criticism, which takes place almost two or three times a week. (Kim hyon-hui “as a woman”)

Criticism rally is also held when students attending school can be punished

Weird songs became popular among the students. It was a unique song that sang the theme song of a movie or the lyrics of an existing song. He even sang the song with other confections, but spread instantly throughout the school, creating ripples. In such a case, all school students will be punished. A terrible thing called a struggle for thought, but at midnight, you can’t get home and you have to sort out the first student who sang through self-criticism and discussion. For that reason, it is not a day or two, but one night at 12:00 every month. While criticizing, he calls the student who sang the song and creates a “cultivation group for bad students”. The poor students who were put in here were not able to return home and were forced to live together for nearly two months while sleeping together. They take them to jobs they don’t want to do the most, such as cleaning toilets and building schools, and do a lot of hard work. (Jang Ki-hong, “North Korea: ordinary people”)
“Fehak” is a punishment that gathers every day for ten days to hold a ideological struggle conference, and does not let him go to bed until the roots of impurity have been removed. In the worst case, they do the job of cleaning the manure,
It must be done by hand. Cleaning the pig hut must also be handled by hand, as if wiped by hand. (Ibid.)

If a member of the art troupe fails in the performance, he will be hit by barrage.

During the performance, if one of the members made a mistake, all of them had to struggle through the night with ideological struggles (similar to generalization of life, criticizing themselves and criticizing others). (Shin Young-hee “I was the dancer of Kim Jong Il”)

In addition, the following testimony shows that party and non-party members have different rally times.

“Now, we will start the general life general on Friday, July 23, 1982.” In the next room, members who joined the party gathered separately, under the guidance of the Labor Party’s cell secretary (responsible). I was doing a generalization.
The remaining non-members each had their own collective time at the social worker youth league and the confederation (professional alliance). At that time, I was not a member. He usually joined the party within one year of entering Mansudae, but he had no such opportunity, so he belonged to a gathering of company workers. It was an organization of young people, non-members and older members belonging to associations. (Ibid.)