Military and Career Advancement and Treatment

Even in the People’s Army, they can succeed if they have a powerful “back”, but if you lose it, your position will be lost.

Instructor Hwang’s father was the Chief of Staff of the Infantry Division. In short, he was originally backed by a powerful back. However, shortly after his enlistment, his father was discharged. I don’t know why.
Anyway, my father’s discharge cast a dark shadow on his future. He lost his defense to support his career, and he was taken off the ladder. All of the rivals who came to the police with him were executive children. Nevertheless, the instructor struggled extraordinarily to gain recognition, but managed to get to the university he wanted to go to, but was no longer given the opportunity by other colleagues on every recommendation.
(Ju Seong Il “North Korean People’s Army: Barracks in Living Hell”)

n the People’s Army, the treatment of generals in the “Road Bureau” is the worst.

Rather than dreaming of dreaming and joining the elite squad, he said it would be better to be the warehouse manager of the road work squad, but no one would want to be a general soldier with this squad. Their situation is the worst. Road construction units are commonly referred to as “pickle units”. The official name is the Roads Authority. It is alienated by the People’s Army and ignored by all North Koreans.
The Highway Bureau has a pedigree with poor “Origin” and “Dodae” (meaning “class of origin”) and is thoroughly isolated from the People’s Army. Families of North Korean defectors, Korean prisoners of war, ex-convicts, and members of pro-Japanese and Korean war security forces (self-governing bodies that cooperated with the Korean military) who worked under Japanese during the colonial era, as well as returnees Children from home are also included. During their 13 years of service in the military, including during their apprenticeships, work tools such as pickaxes were the only weapon.
I can’t tell you how to handle a gun. It is believed that they do not know where to aim the muzzle. You can just work on it. The treatment is worst, and even food and military uniforms can be settled on their own. The only way is looting. Therefore, their main job is construction, but their side job is robbery. They have to win twenty times the competition to join the party.
Until 2001, he was treated by the People’s Army, but was removed from military uniform at the direction of Kim Jong Il. They have no decent employment after being discharged, and they are sent to mines and rural villages in groups. Ignore road departments everywhere. It has an insidious anger at the DPRK administration that has pushed itself to the lowest position. (Ibid.)