Bribes and work

Bribery is a socially dominant tool in North Korea everywhere. North Korean defectors Kang Cheol-Hwan and An-hyuk testify in the following episode that bribes allow them to work more easily, get more affordable, and get the job they want.

His uncle told the Labor Manager that he was a college graduate and was bribely recruited as a technical instructor in the Technical Preparation Office under the Yodok-gun Administrative Committee. My dad was too weak and stomach sick, so he got a hospital certificate and entered the Light Labor Department, where he was given 300 grams of food. Mihu was located at the Orimono Factory, and I was to work for the cattle carriage. The cattle carriage business was the agency responsible for transportation using cattle carts. In North Korea, where oil was scarce, it played a vital role in transportation. In addition, Kim Jong Il’s remark was more recognizable, saying that if a war broke out, ox carts would be effective, because ox carts can pass on impassable roads. (“Escape from North Korea”)
Just then, my father and mother came up with a lot of dispatch letters and bribes.
My mother, who heard me, visited the Deputy Director of the Hospital Technology Department with my head, three cloths, a training shirt, and foreign currency of 50 yen. And everything went well, because the Deputy Director’s wife was a Psychiatry and Neurology Section Manager.
“Because it’s deep in the mountains, the medical facilities are imperfect. Others manage to imitate, but there is no way to diagnose if you have a head injury and brain damage. If you send them as people with disabilities, you’re going to go to light work instead of working in a natural mine. ”
I joined the manager, the deputy director, and the wife of the deputy director, the director of the department of psychiatry, and asked for a physical examination. After measuring his height and weight, completing a chest examination with a stethoscope, and entering the blood test room, the labor section manager’s wife, who had received a bribe in advance, laughed and said, “ I am no longer working at the mine, so don’t worry. He wrote “Bad” in the blood and urine tests without performing any tests. (Ibid.)
“I don’t know if you like this.”
I presented a special weapon, shoes, from the package. Both eyes of the manager wide open like a lie.
“Comrade, I’ve been working here for a year and a half, so put me in a good position.”
“Where are you?”
“If it’s a material supplier, it seems to be doing well.”
Supplier is the job of walking around various regions and purchasing the goods that are needed at business establishments. In the mountains, where goods were originally scarce and difficult to find, the role of the material supplier was very important. Supplier has to go to the local area to purchase goods, so it is easy to get a pass. I went on a business trip to Hamhung, Pyongyang, Nampo, Chongjin, Sinuiju, and Pyongsan in search of supplies. (Ibid.)