Livestock rearing

Livestock raising is an important source of livelihood for North Koreans.

North Korean locals feed their families dogs and pigs to supplement their livelihoods. Raising dogs and pigs in this way can only be touched by money.
It is difficult to keep livestock while going to work, but dogs and pigs are common, because with a little difficulty you can make money for three to four months a month. In particular, there is no other way to provide funding for the marriage of children.
If a puppy is raised for about ten months, it will be an adult dog weighing 25 to 30 kilograms, so if you bring it to a co-op, you will get 300 to 400 won.
How much money is this compared to the monthly salary of 50 to 100 won won by ordinary workers?
Daughters, in particular, have a lot of dogs to prepare for their marriage funds, and the blessing is that the buzzword “dog mom” appears. (Jang Ki-hong, “North Korea: ordinary people”)