Boy Scouts

When North Korean children enter the People’s School, they belong to an organization called Boy Scouts. All North Koreans are supposed to belong to some sort of organization. Kim Young-Hyun, the perpetrator of the Korean air bombing incident, details the Boy Scouts.

In the second year of the People’s School, everyone joins the Boy Scouts, but as soon as they are in their second year, they do not join them automatically, but gradually join them in groups.
In other words, on a national holiday such as the four and fifteenth and six-sixths (the day when the boys were founded) and the ninth and ninth, select a few people from a class and join them.
The aim is to make everyone work so hard that they can join us so that they don’t fall behind.
In order to join the Boy Scouts, you must memorize the oath, prepare a red tie, and prepare a Boy Scout badge.
Parents can also attend the boys’ ceremony. When a senior official comes from the city and swears an oath, the members mourn afterwards. In the swearing statement, the teacher and his parents go in front of the members, wrap a prepared boys’ boy’s red tie around his neck, and wear a sunshine-patterned badge on his chest to celebrate the joining.
It is most honorable to go to Mankeidai, where Kim Il Sung was born.
With a red tie around your neck, you’re proud to be mature and ready to go. Once again, the city’s chief executive says, “Always prepare to become a dependable rear garrison of Father Marshal Kim Il Sung’s incredibly faithful and honest communist construction.” When the slogan is sworn in, the recruiters repeat the phrase “Always ready!”, Open the palm of their right hand straight, divide the forehead diagonally, and stop in front of the forehead to perform a samurai salute.
Whenever a Boy Scout salutes, he has to say, “Always ready!”
The content of this slogan is exactly the duty of the Boy Scouts. In North Korea, Kim Il Sung taught, “Let the Boy Scouts always possess knowledge, virtues, and bodies as a garrison after communist construction.”
At the time of the People’s School, I was the chairman of the classroom, so I also worked as the chairman of the Boys’ Branch. The class worked hard to win the excellence of the model squad.
The class that wins the model branch receives the model branch flag and all classmates are awarded the model branch badge. In some cases, a “table competition” is held in order to win the model division.
Create a revolution, learning, labor and moral column for each child, draw a diagram and present it to the classroom. For example, when discussing Kim Il-sung’s revolutionary activities, a “pictorial board” is used to appoint a child to have a discussion.
“Mr. Kim, please look at this picture and discuss what our great father, the leader, offers for our people.”
When she was nominated as a debate child, she went out in front of the catalog, spread her palms straight, and pointed to look at the catalog, saying, “This picture shows the great lord expanding the armed struggle at home and abroad. This is a scene where we present our policy. The great lord held the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army Conference in June 1993 at Karun, and announced such a policy … ”
Proudly pronounced and the debate well, a red line extends through the revolution column. If the learning is also the best, the yellow line will be extended, and the orange line will be extended when attending all the work and cleaning time of the work and passing through, and the moral column when the clothes etc are neat.
The competition between the parents was fierce, and when their own child was about to fall, they visited the house of the evaluated child and protested.
Each school has created a “Model Boy Scouts Honor Registration Award” to advertise the activities of their school boys, but at our school, the model boys I was going to take a picture and write an explanation. I was chosen and mobilized every time to take this picture. The children studying at the Kim Il Sung Revolutionary History Laboratory, the flower garden cultivation, the circle activities, the little children’s hygiene, etc. always have me in the pictures below.
I once appeared on the cover photo of the boys’ magazine “Tonmu”, which was once published nationwide. The picture shows a young boy member offering a flower basket in front of a portrait of Kim Il Sung on the New Year.
One time I was called during class and taken to the mountains near the school. She was put on a baseball cap and carried a back sac. Then I was photographed while cooking rice in a military rice cooker.
Every scene of a magazine published in North Korea is shot like this (Kim hyon-hui, now as a woman)

Kim Il Sung himself talks about the Boy Scouts as follows.

Today, the Korean Revolution, along with the Social Workers’ Youth League, sees the Boy Scouts as the leading reservoir of the Labor Party. That’s why we collect children’s treasures from all over the country, build children’s palaces, and invest generously in the education of the next generation. So I still tell executives to love the younger generation and repeatedly emphasize the children as the king of the country (Kim Il Sung’s Retrospective)

The textbook describes the Boy Scouts as boy soldiers bravely fighting against Japanese soldiers. “Children” refers to the Boy Scouts, and “Ilchenom” refers to the Japanese (more precisely, derogatory terms such as “Nihon Yarou”).

“Ilchenom crawled up the narrow alley. Children’s team Yeoncholi waved a red tie to inform the shortstop. General Nissei!> Yongcholi and the squadrons shouted brilliantly. ”
Children’s members are “a revolutionary children’s organization in which the great leader of the revolution, Comrade Kim Il Sung, gathered and taught children during the anti-Japanese revolution struggle” (The Modern Korean Dictionary)
During the anti-Japanese struggle, Kim Il Sung built schools and held study sessions in various places so that orphans of revolutionaries and children of peasants of poor workers became reserves of the Korean Revolution equipped with an “ intellectual body ”. Was.
Yoncholi wore a red tie, but as for this “red” tie, the teacher said, “The red color of the boy members has been passed on to the tradition of the revolution by the boy members, and to the great leader, Kim Jong Il, It includes a commitment to a revolutionary, self-directed revolution and an oath. “(” Socialist Moral “Third Grade Elementary School Textbook, 2010).
(Toshio Miyazuka, Sumiko Miyazuka, “North Korea: Amazing Textbook”)

The fact that they are embarked on work is what we saw in the article of the People’s School.

Children have no free time to return home from school. This is because they will be mobilized for various “Shaun Eelagi Undong” movements. Children are rushed to work on rabbit farming, scrap iron recovery and planting. The Youth Newspaper, Labor Youth, regularly reports on how many “rabbits” and how many skins have been put into the state by the “cute members” of the Boy Scouts. (Alexander Zhebin, The Kim Dynasty I See)